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On the one hand, Republicans refused to support the payroll tax holiday in the first place. On the other hand, Democrats fully supported bringing it to an end, resulting in a 2% in increase in my marginal tax rate from the first to last dollar of all my earned income. To say that I am angry is putting it mildly. I doubt if middle income people who work for a living would have gotten a better deal from Romney, but that doesn't alter the fact that Obama, and especially Tim Geithner, fully supported raising payroll taxes back to their level two years ago. Notice that this does NOT affect incomes between $114k and $450k, which seems to be the sweet spot in terms of low marginal tax rates. Unfortunately my income is not that high.
I feel no obligation to obey any law that violates human rights. Abortion is a far more horrific problem than being prosecuted for smoking pot, but that doesn't mean that Federal Drug Laws have any more moral authority than judical precedent that prevents states from passing laws that forbid or drastically limit tha availability of abortions.
Based on my experience people who would confiscate my firearms, and would seek to proscute me for what I eat, smoke or drink belong in the same category of professional nags, scolds and busybodies who are not welcome in my house, will get a punch in the face if they ever lay a hand on one of my daughters, and will never get a dime out of me if I can help it. And I have no problem telling them why: because they are thugs who would destroy life and liberty in the interest of increasing their own wealth and power.
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Bringing Selfish Back

LHB Wrote: Sep 17, 2012 12:31 PM
Ayn Rand wrote that selfishness was a virtue. Unless you think it's OK to twist the meanings of words beyond all recognition, it's pretty hard to find this idea expressed anywhere in any legitimate Christian intellectual tradition.
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