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Yeah, you can add me to that "flyover" group!
Yeah, you can add me to that "flyover" group!
But GW is WHITE so he's fair game for president stool sample! He could choke a puppy to death live on video and he would still be praised by the MSM!
"Tell "Vlad" I'll have more flexibility after my election"?? And what he meant is that he was doing exercises bending over and grabbing his ankles for long periods of time. After all, being a punk is all he seems to be good at!!
And you do realize that these questions are reviewed by the White House BEFORE they are asked at said press conference don't you?
And I noticed that the self proclaimed Rev "Al-da Mouth" sharpton wasn't mentioned? Someone please tell me why that stool sample and waste of breathing air still has a show??
Scott walker can take care of himself. Remember, he's won 3 elections in 4 years in a BLUE STATE! My guess is that they've already thrown all the mud to be found and NONE of it stuck! Walker for President!!
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Jeb on Bush Brand: "I'm My Own Man"

lgunman Wrote: Feb 18, 2015 5:09 PM
Jeb on Bush Brand: "I'm My Own Man" Shouldn't that read "I'm My Own RINO?" DON'T GO AWAY MAD JEB! JUST GO AWAY!
Can you imagine what that thing is worth? To test fire it and hork it up may get some yankee in deep do do!
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