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Why Do the Backwoods Bigots Get to Vote?

LGreen311 Wrote: May 16, 2012 4:56 PM
their rights are just the same as any other person already. The gays seek to modify a social institution, marriage, that has existed for thousands of years to be accepting of their deviant behavior. Yes, their behavior is deviant, get whomever you wish to spout off otherwise, makes no difference. Homosexuality goes against NATURE and GOD. The gay rights groups do not seek a true equal situation, they seek special rules for themselves (gay bashing is a 'hate crime'), even if you did it for a different reason, your likely going to be charged, just look at the Zimmerman situation for a glaring example of abuse of power to bring unwarranted charges against a citizen!

In my last article, I explained how embarrassed the liberal elites were in the aftermath of North Carolina’s decisive passage of the marriage amendment. In their view, it was a triumph for backwoods bigotry. But there was a deeper sentiment lurking beneath the headlines and the sound bites: It’s hardly fair that these bigots get to vote! Just think of how wonderful America would be if only the enlightened ones could make the decisions.

A headline last week on the militant, gay activist site Truth Wins Out read, “North Carolina chooses bigotry over prosperity.” The article went on...