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No Recovery: This is Just the Eye of the Storm

LGreen311 Wrote: May 07, 2012 4:30 PM
Yes Jim, I have read it. It sounds great, but is rather meaningless when the rest of the establishment Republican party lacks the spine to do the right things for us. They make a stand, only to cave in, even when they are in the upper-hand position. Boehner has demonstrated just how a weak willed, spineless jellyfish acts. Every time Boehner was in position to dictate on an issue, he would instead cave and agree to some garbage, rather than make a stand. Too worried about his next re-election in my book, and a total sham that makes the Republican party look like a bunch of wimpy, pantywaists who tremble at the thought of someone being offended!

Over the last six months the economy, our debt problem, and the problems in Europe have largely taken a backseat to the presidential race. Though things have often appeared calm, the truth is that nothing has changed.

Greece is still in trouble, as is Europe. Our debt situation has been ignored for yet another year. The Federal Reserve is still standing by with QE3. And our fiscal trajectory is still on a course for economic collapse.

  • Problems in Europe. European confidence is falling across the board and there are even contingency plans underway...