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I have often said you can not regulate morality, any more than you can prevent a Black Market to appear to fill the void for the item that the people want. I firmly believe that cannabis should be legal. There has NEVER been an overdose of cannabis and it would require the consumption of 1,500 POUNDS in 15 MINUTES to achieve an overdose. Human brains have Receptors built in for the THC molecule, as recently discovered by scientists. We have Spent $1 TRILLION fighting the "War on Drugs", but if you paid attention to Afghanistan there were a plenty of poppy fields for Opium production and fields of Marijuana as well. Our troops were instructed to NOT DISTURB these ILLEGAL Crops, in a foolish attempt to win their hearts and minds, we didn't destroy the poppy fields when discovered, and it's likely the troops helped themselves to some free smoke while there. There has been an almost unmeasurable change in illegal drug use since the start of the war on drugs, but hey, if 0.2% is worth a $1 TRILLION dollars, then by all means please continue. A FLASH WARNING to those who will seek a Medical way of Obtaining Cannabis, as it is going to be used to beat you over the head and take away your Firearms Rights! I said this as soon as CA passed their medical use laws, and sure enough, a few years later here come the FEDs looking for anyone with a Medical Marijuana Card to force them to relinquish their Firearms, and the same will happen across the nation. In fact it is one of the Buyer Background Check Questions when purchasing a Firearm if you use illicit drugs or are a habitual Marijuana User. I was called everything but Right, but I had the final laugh in that matter, as my prediction proved out to be true, just as I said they would do! So be careful just what you wish for, it may have unintended consequences!!
Because the Muslim-in-chief is not about to do anything that is against the Islamic World, to which HE Belongs! You hear it (actually it's what you do not hear) that helps prove once and for all that Obama is working hand-in-hand with Muslims with his plans of attempting to retain leadership beyond 2016 and to continue his Dictatorship, until someone in D.C. actually grows a Spine and says Enough of Breaking/Refusing Enforcement of Laws! Enough of your lectures of how if we just loved the Muslims they would stop killing us (something they themselves have not stopped doing since the start of the Crusades, since Obama wants to reach that far back in Christian history) in a truly pathetic attempt to compare the violence of the Crusades with the random bombings and beheading of the Muslim World today! This is a man that refuses to even utter the words Islamic Terrorist, why, they would behead or stone him to death the first chance they could get for his breaking of Muslim tenants and since he is a Muslim he can not, and will not ever say those words!!
so having a beard or a scruffy unshaven in a week look is now an Islamic look?? Sorry to burst your bubble, but I abhor anything Islam, yet I have worn a beard for more than 35 years now, so your saying that makes me 'sporting an Islamic look'?? His mustache seems as thin as the hair on his cheeks, so isn't it just possible this is the best beard this man could grow?? You do know that not all men are able to grow a full, complete beard anymore are you not??
didn;t you know, only a White person can commit a 'hate crime' in the USSA!!!
basically YES.
do not worry, we here in Missouri will not be forgetting.
This is totally out of control ignorance due to anti-gun zealots! This is a museum and it is a part of who and how we came to be the nation that we are today! The firearms seized were likely in a state of not usable, so they really are only hunks of metal that resemble the firearm it was in the past, when it was a working, functional firearm! Over-reaching firearms Regulations, such as this one, are the ones that really get the supporters of the 2nd Amendment fired up!!
@nos: no less or greater than your own posting. yours is irrelevant and says nothing regarding the race either, which you wanted to complain about, yet you became a hypocrite of the first order when you posted your worthless, devoid of content posting. Personally I think it's far past time for ML to be gone from our Senate Halls!!!
We ALL age, just some of us do it gracefully while the political elite attempt to look like they are young forever, just look at Botox Queen Nancy Piglosi (with a permanent 'possum grin), now you can add Landried to that list also! What does she expect after 18 years, too look the same as the day she arrived in DC??? Truly PATHETIC!!!!
There will just be more absentees if you choose to have school on traditional religious holidays that America was built upon! Time for all this Political Correctness garbage out of our Country! You wanted to immigrate to the USA (assuming you came here legally), and I welcome you as you learn our language, monetary system and basic civics, as most legal immigrants do. As for the 3% of Godless Heathens it is time to quit catering to their every whim and desire, while the other 97% are screaming NO, WE DO NOT WANT to do THAT! This is just more of the same, and it will be as big of a disaster here as it has proven in Germany, multiculturalism DOES NOT WORK!!! The melting pot that made Americans from Immigrants has been replaced with hyphenated descriptions, such as African-American (never mind they were born here, raised here and have never been to Africa). Enough is Enough, and telling us we can not wear a AMERICAN FLAG shirt on Cinco de Mayo (for fear of Offending some Mexican, maybe legal, likely not) then it has gone way too far, as that has NOTHING to do with we Americans! This is just another attempt to create a Godless Nation, for a Godless Nation is as good as destroyed, producing children with no respect for themselves or others, they feel entitled to live free without ever working, and then complain about their poor me pity party plight, mostly of their own making! Enough is enough, and the Political Correctness junk is WAY PAST where it should have been STOPPED MANY YEARS AGO!!!
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