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only a Liberal Professor(questionable, perhaps) could see Racism in a Gardening Show. I wonder if the good Professor has heard of a little thing called Projection-ism, where ones own Racist Beliefs are Put Forth onto Another, rather than the Professor actually using real logic to make such a determination about a program 'supposedly' being 'Racist'! Naturally the show is filled with 'secret code words', words so secret that even the listening populous does not know the 'secret code words' that are promoting racism!
You know so little of history it amazes me. Apparently you have never heard of a book by the title of Mien Kampf, or if so you certainly haven't read it, for in it, it details in depth, exactly what Hitler is/was planning to do with and to Germany and it's people, especially the Jewish population!!! So no it is no easier to excuse the German's than it is to allow the current administration to flagrantly violate law after law and yet suffer no consequences what-so-ever!!!
so then it was the Republican's that managed to get Ambassador Christopher Stevens and 3 other American's Murdered on the Anniversary of 9/11? It was the Republican's that destroyed IRS emails from Lois Lerner?? It was the Republican's who spent $737 Billion for a Recovery Program that seems to have done so little for anyone to 'recover'?? Finally was it Republican's who shoved Obamacare (aka Affordable Care Act) down our throats when the Bill has not, nor has it ever gotten at least a 50% Approval rating from the people it will be imposed upon (since Congress, Big Unions, etc. were all EXEMPTED)?? If you answered Yes to any of these, I urge you to seek mental health assistance as soon as possible, because you're either insane or you've been living under a rock since 2008, either way, you likely need help!!
Only since Obama and his Administration is there a supposed American support for the Palestinian's, who want back what they lost after attacking Israel in the 7-days war, and getting their butts thoroughly kicked in the process. The Palestinian's want a return to the pre-1967 borders before they would be willing to talk about any type of peace, which simply can not ever exist between Muslims and Christians!!!!! Israeli citizens need not worry,, for soon Obama will be gone, but the American's that supported you before Obama and his Thug-ocracy will continue with their support and aid to Israel, who will find that the American people still fully support Israel and our determination to not allow Israel to fall to a group the thugs and haters, as America has helped them with over the course of many decades (until Obozo)! Naturally this is to be expected when you have a Muslim, Usurper, living it up on the tax-payers dime and doing all they can to assist any group who hates Israel or America, with both weaponry (which endangers all of America) and cash that never ends, since the FED's continue printing $75 BILLION/MONTH, still hoping to spend their way to prosperity (which is little more that a pipe dream), or perhaps the more sinister view that they are attempting to increase our debt to the point that our economy will collapse (under the crushing weight of interest needed just to service the debt), much less pay any of it off in REAL WORLD TERMS and MEANING!!!
When exactly did Mozilla become some big Evil Corproation, producing Open-Source Software products to anyone for FREE, doesn't sound like a miney making Corporation. The heart of Mozilla is a global community with a shared mission. Watch the video to meet Mozillians from all over the world and all walks of life. http://www.mozilla.org/en-US/about/ Mozilla Firefox, a Free, Open-Source web browser is suddenly some giant Corporation built to wage war on Christian's. Someone forgot there meds. today I see. Exactly what is to gain by the called-for boycott, you desire to end anything Open-Source, or that is it about making money?? I see nothing Christian's to gain, aside from possibly losing their privacy in OS's like Chrome from Google, the Data-Mining King, and Chrome will be telling them all about you and your habits. Odd how this supposed Evil Corporation has a URL ending in the .ORG extension (used for Organizations that do not operate for profit) and not the .COM (reserved for Commercial use only) one would expect from a corporation that they would be trying to make a profit.. OKCupid may be another matter, as I have no contact or frame of reference for them.
and I would like to be a multimillionaire so that living on Social Security Disability would not be such a worry of how to survive from month to month, but I don't see it happening any time soon.
and Susan Rice does not deserve the position of US Ambassador to the U.N., but that was her reward for being a good Democrat and LYING to the American People, repeatedly, in regards to the Benghazi Attacks by Al-Qaeda, being the result of a spontaneous protest to a video no one even knew anything about, until the U.S. Administration decided to LIE to the People, and use the video as their reason!
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A&E Declares War on Christian Values

LGreen311 Wrote: Dec 20, 2013 3:03 PM
since when does being on a TV show mean that you must sacrifice ALL of your 1st Amendment Rights to have an opinion of your own, even when it doesn't agree with the LGBT community (who are a tiny, tiny minority of our population). Frankly I'm tired to being told how I must accept, tolerate and endorse LGBT people, well just like Phil, I believe in The Holy Bible, and it is clear about where the LGBT people will find themselves on their judgement day. Judgement is reserved for God and not the Liberal propagandists touting praises for the LGBT community!
clearly the arrogant Bolduc believes he is somehow special, given that he believes a police patrol car be dedicated to parking at Bolduc's home (never mind about the 'Fairness' of this), a word Democrat's throw around far too much, given that they clearly do not understand what fair really means. Bolduc acts as if he should never have to ever be disturbed by our modern progress. One would assume even a member of Congress knows that EVERY THING they buy in stores today, at some point was on board one of these trucks? Yes there are zoning laws that can control the use of 'jake brakes' by big trucks, however it seems this brain dead buffoon didn't bother to find out about any of this before he decided to purchase the home he is complaining about living in, while millions would just love to have a home to call their own, never mind the noise, that is the price one must pay if you wish the human race to advance. If he doesn't like it, then he needs to work at a local level to initiate a vote on zoning and restricting the use of 'jake brakes' in the area, instead he proves how clueless he really is and outright attacks the average working class citizen, because he doesn't like the noise. Democrat's constantly state how they are all for the 'working class' and 'fairness', but clearly that is not how this fool of a Congressional Rep. views what fairness really means. After 60 straight months of Unemployment of 7% or greater, there are far more important things to deal with than a trucker's jake brake disturbing some jerk who thinks he is 'special'!
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DUI Checkpoints: Yay or Nay?

LGreen311 Wrote: Nov 25, 2013 7:47 PM
an ABSOLUTE NAY on these 4th Amendment violating 'check points'! They have zero reason to even be bothering you at these type of checkpoints. You have not demonstrated doing anything wrong, so there is no probable cause to harass you and EVERY DRIVER just because they might find a person under the influence. More disturbing was the recent Texas Checkpoint that sought DNA swabs and more from drivers for NO REASON what-so-ever!!! If you won't stand up for your Rights, then don't come complaining when they take them away.....
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