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Frankly, if they don't want to go through the effort to get a photo ID, then I do not think they deserve the right to vote in this nation! It is extremely easy to get a photo ID, and in this day and age, who does not already have this photo ID?? I want real names, not some BS theory about disenfranchised voters due to this type of law. We have used voter ID for years in Missouri, and I haven't heard any complaints they were disenfranchised from voting due to this ID! You will need one to open a bank account, cash a check, enter a Federal Office Building, signup for Welfare/Food Stamps, and the list just goes on and on, so just how and who is existing these days without some form of photo ID, and who is disenfranchised by a simple 'show your ID law' when it comes to our Elections??
They could not, Obama was still speaking, and by their standards, your not supposed to get up or leave while Obama is speaking! The MSM was stuck in place until Obama finally shut-up, by then those leaving were long gone!!!
that should certainly instill confidence by the American public, who all know just how honest Ms. Rice is, after the Sunday Morning Shows where she LIED to the American People by telling them Benghazi was the result of a spontaneous protest over an anti-Muslim video. This was long after higher ups had said it was a terrorist attack! No one in this Nation should be left that doesn't know that this woman LIES and that YOU can not believe ANYTHING she says on any topic, she is simply a puppet of the Democrat Party, and she worships Obama, doing even the worst of deeds on his behalf!
At least some good may come from the events of Ferguson, by awakening the sheeple from their slumber and continued voting against their best interests. Perhaps they will remember how to "vote for anyone but a Democrat" in 2016 and perhaps to 2018 (the first chance) to rid Missouri of Sen. Claire McCaskill!
or Retire before the Investigation into your misdeeds catches up with you, as Ms. Lerner did!!! She belongs in Prison, for many years for her targeting of Conservative Groups, Yet she thinks she did nothing wrong and deserves a $100,000 per year retirement. She deserves that about as much as Mao, Stalin, Hitler, Soros or Obama!!!
Reid would have no say in the matter though if Republican's were to gain control of the Senate, thus he could no longer sit on those Bills passed by the House and sent to the Senate! They could and likely would be brought up for a vote and that would force Obama to have to try and Veto the Bill, but could likely be over-ridden in the people are behind the bill and it's effects on the Nation. No Super-Majority would be required either, since Reid chose the 'Nuclear Option'!
only a Liberal Professor(questionable, perhaps) could see Racism in a Gardening Show. I wonder if the good Professor has heard of a little thing called Projection-ism, where ones own Racist Beliefs are Put Forth onto Another, rather than the Professor actually using real logic to make such a determination about a program 'supposedly' being 'Racist'! Naturally the show is filled with 'secret code words', words so secret that even the listening populous does not know the 'secret code words' that are promoting racism!
You know so little of history it amazes me. Apparently you have never heard of a book by the title of Mien Kampf, or if so you certainly haven't read it, for in it, it details in depth, exactly what Hitler is/was planning to do with and to Germany and it's people, especially the Jewish population!!! So no it is no easier to excuse the German's than it is to allow the current administration to flagrantly violate law after law and yet suffer no consequences what-so-ever!!!
so then it was the Republican's that managed to get Ambassador Christopher Stevens and 3 other American's Murdered on the Anniversary of 9/11? It was the Republican's that destroyed IRS emails from Lois Lerner?? It was the Republican's who spent $737 Billion for a Recovery Program that seems to have done so little for anyone to 'recover'?? Finally was it Republican's who shoved Obamacare (aka Affordable Care Act) down our throats when the Bill has not, nor has it ever gotten at least a 50% Approval rating from the people it will be imposed upon (since Congress, Big Unions, etc. were all EXEMPTED)?? If you answered Yes to any of these, I urge you to seek mental health assistance as soon as possible, because you're either insane or you've been living under a rock since 2008, either way, you likely need help!!
Only since Obama and his Administration is there a supposed American support for the Palestinian's, who want back what they lost after attacking Israel in the 7-days war, and getting their butts thoroughly kicked in the process. The Palestinian's want a return to the pre-1967 borders before they would be willing to talk about any type of peace, which simply can not ever exist between Muslims and Christians!!!!! Israeli citizens need not worry,, for soon Obama will be gone, but the American's that supported you before Obama and his Thug-ocracy will continue with their support and aid to Israel, who will find that the American people still fully support Israel and our determination to not allow Israel to fall to a group the thugs and haters, as America has helped them with over the course of many decades (until Obozo)! Naturally this is to be expected when you have a Muslim, Usurper, living it up on the tax-payers dime and doing all they can to assist any group who hates Israel or America, with both weaponry (which endangers all of America) and cash that never ends, since the FED's continue printing $75 BILLION/MONTH, still hoping to spend their way to prosperity (which is little more that a pipe dream), or perhaps the more sinister view that they are attempting to increase our debt to the point that our economy will collapse (under the crushing weight of interest needed just to service the debt), much less pay any of it off in REAL WORLD TERMS and MEANING!!!
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