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TSA Humiliates Injured Marine

lgoldhammer Wrote: Mar 20, 2013 8:22 AM
Why are our tax dollars paying for these idiots? Gotta feeling that if the airlines had to pay these costs they would make different choices that would make everything run better. By the way, last time I flew I had to go down this corridor to the plane. The corridor turned right (not other choice) then left (no other choice). At each point there was a woman wearing a bhurka directing us to turn. Are we that stupid? The only other choice would be to turn around and go in reverse. Pointless jobs, filled with muslims, and they humiliate a Marine. When did we loose all common sense!!!! We can't profile muslims - that could hurt their feelings) then we don't profile active duty military and veterans and treat them as criminals.

An active-duty Marine who lost both his legs to an Improvised Explosive Device was humiliated by TSA agents after he was forced to remove his prosthetic legs and was then ordered to stand so agents could inspect his wheelchair for explosives.

The incident prompted Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-CA) to fire off a letter to John Pistole, the administrator of the Transportation Security Administration.

“The Marine, whose prosthetics were exposed, was humiliated,” Duncan wrote. “While I recognize the necessity to appropriately screen passengers, I am concerned by the apparent lack of situational awareness and respect among TSA officers – specifically when it...