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Psalm 666: The State Is My Shepherd, I Shall Not Want

lgoldhammer Wrote: Nov 25, 2012 11:48 AM
Real solution? Sure - follow the Constitution. In doing so we would reduce the bloated federal government returning power back to the states (as designed by our fore fathers), let communities care for thier people (as was done before all these social programs that keep people in poverty while giving them just enough to exist on but not move ahead), solve the "medical problem" by ending HMO's and returning to Major Medical Insurance which had competition keep health care costs affordable. Bottom line, research what Ron Paul was saying and you'll see how much sense it makes to chage what we're doing in creating this police state of what had been the free-est and richest country in the world. Left and right are both far left of the...

A Psalm of Obama

(To be sung by children, K-12, every morning of their seven-day school week.)*

The State is my shepherd,

I shall not want.

It makes me lie down in federally owned pastures.

It leads me beside quiet waters in banned fishing areas.

It restores my soul through its control.

It guides me in the path of dependency for its namesake.

Even though our nation plunges into the valley of the shadow of debt,

I will fear no evil,

For Barack...