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Our Post-Racial President Claims to be Black

lgoldhammer Wrote: Jul 26, 2013 7:46 AM
I think you nailed it with the stupid "reality" shows. Much of the problem comes down to Hollywood. When I look back at old TV shows and movies, unless a black person was portraying a slave on a plantation, there wasn't any difference in the speech patterns or behaviors of black or white characters. Until the TV show "Good Times" with Jimmy "Dynomite" Walker. He walked, talked, and acted different. Even different from his parents and siblings on the show. And Hollywood and the music folks ran with that new ethnic stereotype. Only you can't walk, talk and act different and expect to be treated the same. Doesn't happen in any culture. Just watch the movie "My Fair Lady". Until Eliza Doolittle changed such ethnic differences she wasn't accepted by people of a higher stature/socio-economic level in life. Walk, talk and act like an uneducated and stereotypical hoodlum (black or white), and you're likely to be treated as one. I'm really amazed - and very disappointed - that the black community has embraced this version of themselves. After so many past people marching/fighting/demonstrating to achieve equality for the current generation, for them to choose to speak in such an uneducated manor is a slap in their face. And I'm tired of being blamed for the choices they are making. You choose to speak the English language properly or you choose to have your opportunities limited in life. That goes for any person or any color born in America. "Aks" anyone who be goin down the street.