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Moral Clarity at the Border

lgoldhammer Wrote: Jul 26, 2014 9:13 AM
There are people from west Aftrica and the middle east making their way to Mexico and crossing over too. This is an important security issue that's being muddied with children used as pawns.
Originally, it was small unoccompanied children. More recent video appears to be 16-17 year olds - a population that will be eligible to vote in 2016. Also, I'm hearing there are many coming from west Africa and the middle east via Mexico. Under Reagan there were several Concentration Camps built to house an unexpected influx of illegals. That has expanded to over 800. But they aren't sending the illegals there. Who among us will be sent? All whites? Blacks? Jews? Chiristians? Republicans? And no one is calling Obama on it. Obama is taking actions to hold Americans to the standards of the UN's Agenda 21, which says that the world environment can't survive with all people living like Americas, so Americans should be limited: in population growth, property ownership, and energy use. Well, why then increase our population? As for trees, how many trees a year will be sacrificed just for TP for these extra people? He's such a lying hipocrit. Don't think him incompetent though. He's being very competent at his intention for America: destroy it while getting rich. I hear he's looking to buy a $4million home in CA... Tighten your belts though Americans - do as he says, not as he does...
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Mrs. Obama Declares War on Chick-fil-A

lgoldhammer Wrote: Jul 16, 2014 10:09 AM
I think much of the weight problem in America isn't the food people are choosing to put into themselves, it's what the government is allowing the food monopolies to put into our food. GMO's, cows fed corn instead of grass, antibiotics, etc. 10 mega-corporations control the majority of the production of goods in America, including our food. They're getting mega-rich selling us mega-low in nutrient foods. They put the little farmers out of business so they themselves can go from being millionaires to billionaires and on off to gazillionaires. How much money do they need? While they pay their employees a pittance. How much do they need to deplete the nutrition of the food they sell? What happened to our anti-monopoly laws?
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Cultivating a Curious Mind

lgoldhammer Wrote: Jul 16, 2014 10:01 AM
Trevor Loudon from NZ has written a couple of books exposing the dasterdly deeds of Obama and other elected officials. He's developed his version of a dream team for 2016 which can be seen here: I've heard him speak twice - he's fabulous! Very knowledgeable. I believe he's since changed the dream team to have Rand Paul for prez vs. Ted Cruz just to avoid the citizenship debate. Then also to have Ron Paul at Dept of Treasury/Sec'y of Commerce. I think Rand is faster on his feet than Cruz, so I rather agree with that. We need someone who can out think the leftie interviewers, and I've seen him do it repeatedly.
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Our Unwillingness to Defend Ourselves

lgoldhammer Wrote: Jul 16, 2014 9:33 AM
In the early 1900's, a child needed a recommendation from their school principal to go to H.S. I have a letter recommending my grandfather. Turned out he couldn't go because his family needed him to work on the family farm. He still became a successful business man with only his 8th grade education. I think this needs to be returned to our education system: earn the right to move on to higher educational opportunities. If this were to occur, I think a lot of parents would take more responsibility for their children. If they didn't and the kid doesn't get to go the HS, a parent may have to give up working to stay home and babysit. If they want that income, they will be tougher on their kids to perform and behave. If you don't get into HS, go to a work apprenticeship opportunity or work. Performing hard labor instead of hanging with ones friends may also become some incentive that will drive kids to apply themselves and behave in order to have that privilege. In some area the teachers are more of referees, with their hands tied and no accountability for the hoodlums. And such disruptive behavior detracts from the teaching of the other kids who want to learn. Earn the opportunity to have our tax dollars spent on educating you beyond the age of 14.
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Spying on Innocents

lgoldhammer Wrote: Jul 10, 2014 8:40 AM
Makes me feel that much more uncomfortable about the 800+ concentration camps in our "free" country: Originally built to house illegal aliens should a mass flooding of our border occur, and while that's happening they aren't being used for that... Who among us will be sent? Everyone who reads Townhall, Liberty Crier, and other Liberty minded sites?
I think it's unfurtunate that the womens movement went from equal opportunity to work and get paid, to no opportunity to stay home and raise a family. These rich powerful women with high paying jobs talk a good game. But look at most of the working women in America and you'll see people who hate their jobs, and hate that they are missing the limited window of raising their children. The few that get to stay home are often feeling guilty for not making money, like they aren't contributing to the household income. It's unfortunate that when wives entered the workforce suddenly the cost of living increased to make it almost mandatory to work outside the home. Which didn't make the work inside the home go away.
Regarding his lack of political experience, they said the same things about Obama... At the time I thought it would be a good thing he didn't have much Gov't experience - that there would be opportunities to fix things not being tied to "..but this is how it's always been done..." However, the most important thing to keep in mind is intention. Obama's intention was always to destroy America. Carson's would be to save and restore America. We need a constitutionalist that the black communities will listen to. When a majority of the black population returns to the Republican - or Libertarian/Constitutionalist party (what ever it will be/become in the future) the liberals will have to follow, as to not do so would be hypocritical for them - they would then be the enemy of the people they claim to try to protect... By the way, there is so much hatred by the left/Democrats for Republicans I think it might be a good idea for the party to dissolve into the Constitutional party. Same thing: the constitution keeps the Republic in existence. But more clear on what it is and what it stands for, and easier to tie each party stance to the Constitution to then show how each policy will protect or destroy the rights of the people.
She may have run a less effective campaign in 2008, but I think she'll have all the resources Obama had when she runs again, and that will help her significantly. Let's face it, he didn't get elected on his smarts as noted by his 57 states of America. As for being broke, I saw the other day that upon retiring Bill's pension for being president was over $950k. I believe some of that was in additional costs to support and protect him. Bush Jr. get's $1.2 million, including $132k/year for phone costs. Get an I-phone with unlimited text and calling for less than $1200/yr! Can you imagine how much Obama will vote for himself? But with that said, Clinton's salary was $400k/yr as President. He didn't have to pay for groceries, or rent, or gasoline for his car, or utilities, health insurance, drivers insurance or anything else. Where did that money go if they were broke? If they can't manage to live quite comfortably and save money with that income, how can they be trusted to run the economy of a nation?
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Playing a Name Game with the Redskins

lgoldhammer Wrote: Jun 25, 2014 3:48 PM
This is part of the Left's efforts to keep us pre-occupied with things that take our eyes and ears off things of greater importance. They get us hyped up on foreign borders so we don't watch and address the foreigners walking across our borders; they get us hyped up on the name of a football team so we don't watch the rights being taken away from all Americans; they get us hyped up about the death of black man who "if Obama had a son would look like him" so we don't demand action be taken regarding the black-on-black crime in inner cities leading to 1000's of deaths each year; they get us hyped up on mass shootings so we don't look at how gun related crimes have risen in every country that guns have become forbidden... Whenever the media gets hyped up about something, start looking at where the other hand of the magician is and what's being hidden there... It will be some portion of the Constitution being desecrated and with it the destruction of the middle class and deeper dis-empowerment of the poor while capital cronies and their peeps are getting wealthier... and less accountable...
IRS e-mails would be on the IRS server, even if accessed on a private computer. No crashing of the private computer would have lost items from the server. If nothing else, she should be fired for lying. And anyone else lying should be fired. We accept to little from these people we are paying so much too...
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