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I'm a retired veteran. Last year I got a pay raise of about $150/month. After new taxes I made $.08 more per month. I think they are doing more to give cost of living increases to the active duty so they don't have to raise the pay to a level where they can afford to exist because then they would have to pay more to the retirees who exist on 50% of the base pay: COLA, housing and food allowances are not factored into the pay. In the 7 years since I retired the cost of living has doubled. Not seeing much more in the pension check...
The last thing we need is another Bush or Clinton in the White House. Both families belong to the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) which is an organization determined to destroy America. They love when a Bush runs against a Clinton because they know either way they win and their agenda is advanced. Funny, I just did a search for the CFR and nothing came up, until I searched "John Birch Society, CFR", then this came up with additional links for more info. Funny how they work together to hide what's happening in America! Yet, not so surprising: check out the membership - it's a who's who of politicians on both sides (it's really just one party) and media as well as companies who's roles/bankrolls keep expanding as tax regulations work in their favor: More info in this book:
I like Dr. Carson. I don't know if just being a true conservative makes him the best candidate for President, but I'd like to see him on the Conservative team when a true conservative gets elected, like appointed to the Department of Health - have him cut his teeth there and if by the next opportunity to run, if he has developed an effective alternative to Obamacare (like get rid of anything HMO-ish and go back to fair market price competition and using insurance only when you exceed your deductible, as insurance was intended and was affordable), and bring a decrease in size of that branch of government, with a decreased of government interference/contol and simplicity of use of systems that create savings to the American taxpayer within that department of the government, then run for President showing the savings and value he created with his new government experience. Any true conservative elected to President will need to really create an all-star lineup of true conservatives with vision and ability to do the job, and to speak simply, easily and intelligently about their area of focus within the government. Like make Ron Paul Secretary of Treasury...
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A Nation of Problem-Solvers No More?

lgoldhammer Wrote: Nov 29, 2014 8:43 AM
Wow - that French aristocrat nailed exactly what's going on in America today. Interesting, I took a route in life working hard, but avoiding the more emotional challenges for family life. And I envy those who didn't - those who risked divorce to enjoy marriage; who risked the inconvenience of changing diapers and 3am feedings to have kids and grandkids in their lives. Those inconvenient dramas are what add dimension to our lives and memories worth reflecting on. Avoiding the challenges results in limiting the joys.
I don't dislike or distrust Obama for being black. Only for being a fascist, marxist nut-job intent on destroying America. The best thing that could happen to America is for the black voters to wake up, realize they've been played by the Democrats to enslave them through social programs intended to disempower them, and come back to the Republican party where they were up until the 1960's. When the blacks cross back to the right, the white liberals will have to wake up and cross over too, as to not do so would mean they are no longer the guardians and supporters of the downtrodden black masses that they voted in socialists to "protect". They would then be hypocrites for no longer standing by them.
Yes, I'd like to see him run too, if only because the black voters may listen to him more than a white politician. Especially as the left keeps creating extra racial tensions with Ferguson MS and Trevon Martin and the rest. They need to hear a black conservative, even it he doesn't make it to the end. Even if he doesn't want to run and be elected at this time, he'd be a great asset for waking up the black communities to the hope and opportunity that exists in America for those who wish to work for it.
Romney's problem is he didn't really distinguish himself and his views/approaches from Obama. I looked at them side by side on where they stood and it was basically in the same spot. He's as neocon as the rest of the GOP favorites. Gotta hunch he had other ideas that were more conservative approaches to leading America, but he didn't really convey them to true conservatives - I think he pursued the Democrat vote at the expense of the Republican/Conservative vote.
...and he's not a lawyer. I see that as a plus for any candidate.
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Is America Too Caucasian?

lgoldhammer Wrote: Nov 29, 2014 8:03 AM
I think the true Conservative Republicans and Libertarians are going to have to get strategic in their message to the illegals. They need to send the message that we rejected legalizing anyone coming into our country illegally because we have rules/laws against it, and those laws are what keep our leaders in check and protect the citizen. And that is why you risked everything to come to America, you didn't have that in the country you left. Now that the President has acted against the Constitution - that document that assures your rights in freedoms in America - and has given you the right to vote, you have a choice: Do you want to vote for the party that is working to make America everything you just fled? Or do you want to vote for the party that is intent on keeping America a Republic where you will have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness? And then the conservatives and their followers need to get on board with that and not look at those running on that platform aren't voted against for giving in. They need to accept it is a strategy for survival and without it, those bloody lying, cheating socialists in democrat clothing will win again. And again. And.... (let's face it, Obama won on lies. Twice!!!!)
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The Real Lessons of Ferguson

lgoldhammer Wrote: Nov 28, 2014 9:48 AM
I lived in a very integrated town - bought a condo there. Blacks in town didn't discourage me from buying. But they encouraged me to leave. I got tired of paying every dime I had to keep a roof over my head across the street from people with free roofs courtesy of Section 8. I got tired of looking at the apartment building on the corner where folks would take their McDonald bag full of garbage out of their car, put it on the curb, then walk into their apartment, like this bag was too heavy to carry inside. I got tired of calling the police hearing fights and fearing their escalation into violence. I got tired of avoiding driving in one section in town due to the shootings. It's hard to put all your money into living in a place that the majority of one group of people living there contribute nothing but crime, destruction and free rides off the taxation of others. I've since moved. Glad to no longer see or hear the lesser environment some people chose to create for themselves and impose on others. My decision wasn't racial, it was behavioral. I think the black population of America will find their lot in life change if they choose to change their behaviors - mostly modeled after "bad boy/bad girl" characters created in Hollywood.
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Educational Fraud

lgoldhammer Wrote: Nov 13, 2014 8:28 AM
There seems to be this belief that we can't hold kids accountable, especially if they are non-white. It really hurts them in the long run. I went to a film event where folks had 24 hours to make a film. One black teenager made a film, and when he got up to talk about it his grammar was SO bad! Things like "I be going down the street..." What?!?!? The kid was about 17 years old and had less grasp of the English language than 8 year olds had when I was in school. And obviously the teachers hear it and don't correct it. I always think of the movie "My Fair Lady" when I hear black people speak with a stereotypical black accent with associated black behaviors created by Hollywood in the 1970's and perpetuated and intensified since. Her character was a pretty white gal from the wrong side of London who spoke with an accent and acted wtih behaviors characterized as low income/low education. A guy makes a bet that if he can change her accent and behavior that she would be accepted by the upper class. And succeeds in it. Look at the successful black people in America. If they got there from hard work, vs. quick money from sports, they are well spoken and speak with an American accent - not a fabricated Hollywood accent. And funny thing is, the same goes for successful white, asian, and hispanic people born and raised in America. If you don't speak the language properly, whatever your language in whatever country, your opportunities will be limited (concessions are made when it's a second language). One is not "more black" by speaking/acting in a stereotypical manner. One is "more likely to succeed" if one chooses not to. And schools need to start providing better examples and accountability for that. I think if one more person wants to "aks" me a question, I'll throw up.
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