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Fight Night: Obama, Romney Square Off In First Presidential Debate

lge Wrote: Oct 04, 2012 12:20 AM
The same old leftist line. They always attribute motives, because 1) they can't argue on the issues substantively; their policies are insane. And 2) motives are unseen and unknowable. Leftist troll can argue motives all day long and prove nothing. It proves nothing except this: motive-mongering proves leftists have no arguments, just character assassination. They're bankrupt. .

DENVER, CO - Greetings from the Mile High City and the campus of the University of Denver, where President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney will square off in their first of three televised debates.  Despite trading rhetorical blows and attack ads for many months, the two men are relative strangers; prior to this evening's high-stakes discussion, Obama and Romney have only met on three occasions.  That will all change at 9pm ET, when the two men will lock horns for a 90 minute nationally-televised debate.  Tonight's theme is domestic issues, and will be moderated by long-time PBS Newshour...