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Can Obama Fool Enough People Most of the Time?

lge Wrote: Jul 18, 2012 11:52 AM
Obama's minions have a lot of nerve harping on this trumped-up controversy, when the Obama administration is outsourcing a light attack plane to Brazil. Brazilian company Embraer (and its American affiliate) will be producing the new military plane. Like we don't have American companies that could use the work?

WASHINGTON -- It should be clear by now that Barack Obama is running his shaky presidential campaign in 3-D: dishonesty, deception and distraction.

It is an age-old re-election strategy that tries to get the voters focused on tangential matters that are irrelevant to the larger issues that still plague our country -- like severe unemployment that has turned the lives of tens of millions of Americans into a desperate struggle for survival; weak economic growth that has shrunk middle class and small business incomes; and four straight years of trillion dollar budget deficits that now threaten America's solvency and future...