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I'm in - contact me at: lfox-you_know_the_symbol-3littlefoxes-dot-com if you'd like to brainstorm about how to do it online - needn't be a monthly, at first. If we pool our efforts and expertise, we should be able to put out a mag before Christmas.
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"Uncle Sugar" Is Putting It Lightly

lfox368806 Wrote: Jan 27, 2014 8:41 PM
It's NOT about the regular contraceptives - it's about LARCs - Long Acting Reversible Contraceptives. Have to be put in by a doctor - can't be removed without a doctor. What do you wanna bet that permission to remove the devices will NOT be given? Women will lose any CHOICE about fertility. http://rau.3littlefoxes.com/?page_id=593
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Disorderly Conduct

lfox368806 Wrote: Apr 27, 2013 7:55 AM
I would suspect that, somewhere in the written record, someone at the college has referred to students as "customers". In that case, the UCC (Uniform Commercial Code) should apply. Otherwise, use the denial of due process as a leading argument.
Oh, come on! A Thong? That is ridiculous - there is a clear difference between how professionals dress for work, and how the average person dresses. Professionals do NOT flaunt themselves in revealing clothing. They dress on the formal side. Furthermore, a teacher in body-revealing clothing is laying (entendre intended) themselves open for a sexual harassment suit by co-workers and students. In any hierarchy, there needs to be a division, which generally is marked by clothing/uniform differences, between the officers and the troops. In a sense, in a school, the kids are "the troops" - those that take orders, and follow the teacher's direction.
I am SO sick of stars talking about their "fiancees" - call him what he is - the man who won't marry you, even when you find out you're pregnant. Get a ring before you get a room.
Oh, please! Democratic donors AND their Congressmen have benefited much more from that spending. Educate yourself, and stop relying on Leftist propaganda. Here's a thought: Corporations don't vote. Individual citizens (and those using election fraud to pretend to be citizens) do. Obama has to give enough "stuff" to those people - get them caught up in dependency - to ensure that his servants - er, supporters - will be a reliable.
One could almost feel sorry for that poor, clueless B*****d. He's been surrounded by all that adulation and praise, and told that, if he just makes the points more S-L-O-W-L-Y and C-L-E-A-R-L-Y, sorta like you need to do for the mentally slow, we'll "get it", and vote for him. Not gonna happen. I agree, as long as we keep the full-court press on, and get ALL supporters in to vote, we should be good - even if the D's do their usual "ballot-finding" actions. What I'm dying to see is the revelations come out as the rats desert the sinking ship after the numbers come in. As they try to escape their just fate (jail), and start squealing like the veriest pigs they have been.
# 3 is my personal favorite.
Reading all that in one clump is pretty depressing - my only hope is to spread the word around, and hope that people aren't as dumb as I fear they are.
I agree, having worked both in the computer/technology sector, and in physics/chemistry teaching. The guys are on my side - the women are (sometimes) quite - er - "-itchy" - (supply your preferred first letter).
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