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Too Good for Your Own Good

lfish Wrote: Apr 15, 2013 11:37 PM
Never mind the GOP; it's dying of its own stupidity. Vote Libertarian or independent -- but take care to study the candidates first. It's time we got rid of both the Big Two political parties; they've both brought us into the current mess. --Leslie < Fish

You are a wonderful person!

If no one at work has told you that recently, it's only because the people with whom you work are jealous of your wonderfulness. They are petty and stupid and resent your soaring intelligence and your super-model good looks.

And why should you care? Because it just may be that there is a better strategy than ruthlessly scratching and clawing your way up the executive ladder. Really! According to recent research, being sneaky and unprincipled may no longer be enough. These days, you also have to be good.

This basis for this...