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We Have Nothing to Fear But The Farce Itself

lexi63 Wrote: Feb 18, 2013 4:00 AM
still waiting on the truth fro this netwrok on sandy hook . where is the full blown investigation about the great American hoax ? why arent cooper anderson,katie couric,matt lauer etc..etc... being held responsible for their poor acting jobs and the lies they are complicit in this sandy hook hoax that has been going on . for sure you too are not also involved ? but apparently you are . what is going on ? let get to the truth please so we can stop all this bullsht .

Editor's note: This column contains satire. This fact is noted for all the liberals that may be reading. That is all.

President Obama’s aggressive agenda for his second term might have been controversial, if it weren’t for his spectacular first term successes.

The president’s expansive vision of federally driven, universal government education of children too young for grade school, his complex plan for a network of federal “hubs” to resuscitate American manufacturing, his aggressive action plan against polluting industries to correct earth’s climate, all could have provoked strong opposition, perhaps even media skepticism.