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Oops, think that went to the wrong buffoon.
Yep that's teenage brains that haven't developed yet...... Much like yours.
I'd be willing to bet a lot of money which I don't have and can't afford to lose, that there has never been a 300 or even close to a 300 bowled on the alley. A 125 is more like an all time high, but you haver to admit, that keeping score would be a trial that this administration and it;s minions would be unable to accomplish since they are all mathematically challenged.... oh wait, I believe that's MENTALLY challenged.
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Obama Gets GDP Bassackward

LEVI3 Wrote: Jun 26, 2014 10:26 AM
I don't understans? Haven't the sea stopped rising? Is'n the rapture at hand? Obama promised...... didn't he?
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Obama Losers

LEVI3 Wrote: Jun 21, 2014 11:52 AM
I worked at a coal fired power plant in Kalifornia. It was what's called a fluidized bed and the coal actually sit on a bed of air. We added ammonia and lime stone to scrub the nitrates and sulfates from the effluent gasses. You never saw smoke from our stack. Our cost was less then 3¢ per kilowatt hour. What are you paying? 12¢? 16¢? Hydro power cost is even lower, but there's not enough and the ninnies are afraid of nuc power. Obama is planning the death of our once great country as sure as he's sticking millions in his bank accounts. You better pray that cold fusion comes thru or we're in trouble.
By the way John, Welcome to Kalifornia. Hope that doesn't make you a Kalifornicator. Please retain your caustic wit. Don't get sucked in and become complacent in your new life style. ';-)
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Obama Puts His Legacy Before the Economy

LEVI3 Wrote: Jun 10, 2014 11:47 AM
Why are you showing steam coming out of a cooling tower? That's ignorant. It's what the liberals do.
They're not fudging the numbers, they're fudging the questions. I can get any answer I want just by phrasing the question properly. Then add in the maybes', the possibles, the some whats (Don't forget the $tupids) and you total 44%.
The "kill coal" attempt will double your electric bills and cause brown and black outs all over the east coast. Only then will the people realize what damage Obama has done to America. The "trading" of the five Taliban is designed to empty GITMO of her high value prisoners so that it can be shut down. "Well there's nobody there" What a sad day for the serviceman that died under the direction of this President. He can mouth all the platitudes about how much he cares, but he doesn't tell the truth? NO, HE LIES!!! He has nothing but disdain for the military. Thinks their stupid for enlisting. Love for country? BAH! He has nothing but contempt for the american public. Like Hiaalry, the American public is only to be USED! We're held in contempt around the world and I'll guarantee, If Hillary is elected. NOTHING WILL CHANGE.
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We're at the Mall, While They're at War

LEVI3 Wrote: May 27, 2014 11:31 AM
Memorial day is and should be about those who paid the ultimate sacrifice, but lets not forget the soldiers in uniform. Most of them live below the poverty line and are eligible for food stamps. If married, most of their wives have to work to support the families. It's better them it was, but still, both they and their families are sacrificing for you. Don't forget to say thank you when ever you can. In my generation, they spit on us and my wife made six times the money I did working s a secretary. In the early 60's the military base pay for an E1 was something like $78 bucks a month. "If they had wanted you to have a wife, you would have been issued one." It was my privilege to serve and I've never regretted it. I'm proud of our men and women in arms. They are the cream of this new generation. Pay homage to those who have paid the ultimate, but please respect the living. They sacrifice every day.
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