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Well.... P T Barnum did say there's a fool born every day or something like that "and his name shall be called LIBERAL". Added note. Have you ever wondered why muslims wear a turbine (towel or rag) wrapped around their head? Watching TV on the middle east the other day it struck me. It's to protect their heads from falling bullets. They expend most of their ammunition shooting at nothing, primarily straight up into to the air. Makes sense if you think about it. A falling chunk of lead would hurt falling on your bare noggin. And you thought they were just ignorant. See how smart they are...
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The Post Obama Recovery Begins Here

LEVI3 Wrote: Sep 13, 2014 11:44 AM
Follow if you will, what would happen if unbridled drilling were allowed and we began to export vast quantities of oil and natural gas (LNG). First, prices would fall, probably drastically and as Ransom has projected, our economic engine would come to life. Second, the oils producing countries of the world would have far less influence on Western Europe. Europe could not be held over a barrel by Russia via a threat of stopping the sale of heating gas and oil. Putin would be forced reduce his sphere of economic threat and spend a lower percentage of his counties economy on his war effort. Next, the economies of the middle east would be reduced and especially Iran would soon began to feel the effects, reducing the monies available to forment terrorism. The net effect of "drill baby drill" would be to reduce the effects of rogue states on the world stage "without a physical war". Reagan economically reduced the Soviet Union to a second world nation by out spending their economic abilities to fund a war machine. The effect of a glut on world oil would have the same net effect on terrorism. What's not to like?
Obama will learn a lot about ISIS when he first car bomb goes off on the US mainland. Unfortunately it will be to late for his sorry a$$ and the dead Americans. I'm one of those people that equate intelligence with the ability to reason or common sense. I keep hearing about how "smart" he is but as far as I'm concerned, if he stood next to a post, they'd nail barbed wire to him.
But, but, butt.... where does she hid her feather? I'll bet I know, it's up...........
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It Takes a President

LEVI3 Wrote: Sep 04, 2014 11:51 AM
Just had to pass that on. Perfectly put.
Question, how much black top would it take to pave the Gaza Strip? Just saying......
Don't ever stand still for very long if you're ever out west, cause someone will nail barbed wire to you thinking you're a post.
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Mass Casualties in Obama's War on War

LEVI3 Wrote: Aug 21, 2014 11:33 AM
Is it any wonder that Obama has no regard for family and place no significance on having a father in the equation? Look at how he grew up, abandoned by his father (who ever he was) living with WHITE relatives or on his own, associated with the dregs of society. Is it any wonder that he turned out as he has. If he was a maladjusted pet, you'd just turn him in to the pound. Then you'd have all the do-gooders trying to save him........ come to think of it, that;s just about what happened isn't it.
Who gets to hold her butt when it's handed to her in 16?
It's Alzheimer's Harry. You can't help it. Just go to the rest home and disappear. Please!
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