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(or got their knickers in a twist)
Once when I was working in England and Guy Fawkes Day/Bonfire Night was approaching, a British co-worker shared his strong opinion with me that November was a better time to set off fireworks than early July because, being so close to the summer solstice, Americans couldn't start the show until late in the evening. In a moment of unusual tact on my part, I didn't explain to him that whooping the Redcoats meant we Americans could set off fireworks any time we please. I think enough time has passed that Americans can find the Brits' humor about historical wins and losses somewhat lighthearted rather than rude.
Well put, Drifter. This is another one of the many realities that Mr. Obama and like-minded progressive idealogues struggle to comprehend.
Absolutely, Squid. Abortion is an assault on the defenseless.
But the principle involved extends beyond those who may become great. If one is to be deprived of life because of potential for developing physical problems, consistency would dictate that those who already have such deficiencies should likewise be terminated. Continuing, then, those who are either infirm, incompetent, or inconvenient should be eliminated by those in power. Such irreverence for life is unthinkable! (quotes from Dr. Russell M. Nelson, talk given in 1985)
Consider another individual weighing the consequences of her pregnancy. She was beyond the normal age for bearing children. She announced to her doctor that her husband was an alcoholic with a syphilitic infection. One of her children had been born dead. Another child was blind. Another had tuberculosis. Her family had a history of deafness. Finally she confessed that she was living in abject poverty. If this true historical situation were posed today, many would recommend abortion. The child born from that pregnancy became the renowned composer Ludwig van Beethoven.
"Yet society professes reverence for human life. We weep for those who die, pray and work for those whose lives are in jeopardy. For years I have labored with other doctors here and abroad, struggling to prolong life. It is impossible to describe the grief a physician feels when the life of a patient is lost. Can anyone imagine how we feel when life is destroyed at its roots, as though it were a thing of naught?"
I can imagine that Romney would have found a way to work with Congress.
Hello, rapjim! You misunderstood my response to Ms Coulter (who was asking, in her column, why her critics did not respond to her point in the original article). You should look up "statist" in a dictionary. To be clear, my response to her meant that how people choose to use their time and resources is their choice, not beholden to the opinions of the masses (or pundits). I have relatives and friends serving Christian missions. Most in the U.S., but a few outside of it, (two of whom had to leave Liberia recently). Like Ms Coulter, you and I are both free to discuss the topic, but we cannot escape the impression that our comments leave, and Coulter's two articles on this subject do not reflect well on her as a Conservative..
In your private life, Ann, your musings may have some merit, and between friends, this would be a good discussion, but when you insist on publishing your thoughts on this topic for all the world to read, you appear to be a statist.
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