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I will add that progressives have also chosen to be more libertine.
Sadly, this is not true where I live.
The legislation may be useless, but Mr. McConnell's speech wasn't. In his own measured, rational way, he hammered at the failings of Obamacare and highlighted the problems that women in particular are having because it. That's a message that needs to be sounded as often as possible.
I hope Mr. Braley keeps talking and litigating himself right out of politics. Turns out that his neighbor is a therapist and keeps those chickens as animal therapy for children. His political opponent, Joni Ernst, is in the National Guard, and about to report for duty for the next two weeks. Certainly Iowans can see the clear difference between these two??
Thanks for the intelligent assessment.
"The national birthrate in the United States is the lowest in 25 years,2 and the birthrates in most European and Asian countries have been below replacement levels for many years. This is not just a religious issue. As rising generations diminish in numbers, cultures and even nations are hollowed out and eventually disappear." (Dallis H Oaks, 2012)
Just a thought, but the three countries you mention (USA, Russia & China) have below average population replacement rates. If that trend continues, then banding together is a temporary fix in the long run.
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Supply Side Contraceptives

LetsDiscussThisCivilly Wrote: Jul 12, 2014 9:12 PM
I agree completely.
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LetsDiscussThisCivilly Wrote: Jul 11, 2014 2:22 PM
Removal from office would leave us with President Joe Biden. That's not a better outcome in my opinion.
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