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I loved the headline at Drudge recently with the photo of Biden and caption underneath: "Impeachment Insurance". That's only true for conservatives, however. If Obama is removed from office and Biden takes over, there's a strong chance that Biden would be elected in 2016.
"You truly can’t fool all of the people all of the time, and thanks to Gruber, the time of trusting liberals is drawing to a close." I certainly hope so, because I know way too many well-educated people who are completely indoctrinated by socialist fantasies, and since they don't pay attention to the media that reports on these stories, they see and hear only what supports that ideology.
I mean "appreciate", of course.
There are some Senators (soon to be "former") who may appreciation this information. You should go to their websites and pass this information along to them.
I listened to Pres. Obama's press conference this afternoon. He might not say all the right things, but he says enough of them. Will he act in good faith? Probably not. Because he's like that spouse that you keep hoping will stop being so selfish. I hope the election results mean that Americans are finally over their abusive relationship with him.
I won't see them even if they do show up because I won't watch those stations. From what I read, I'm not the only person that won't watch MSNBC. If they do hire Wendy Davis, I'd expect it to be the nail in their coffin.
You should care. If I-594 passes and the unelected bureaucrats get their way with the details, then the progressives will try to pass similar laws in other states.
I am shocked! Shocked, I say! How could you not have included Washington state until now on that short list when it's also the state that gave the US Congress Patty Murray? King County turns the tide on every election where so much of the rest of the state votes rationally.
Yep, it only took a few minutes on the internet to find speech after speech where he told the audience what they wanted to hear, contradicting himself as he went along. Before Obama, I hadn't realized what an emotional experience it is for some people to elect a politician.
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Women Lying to Women

LetsDiscussThisCivilly Wrote: Oct 03, 2014 6:24 PM
The lie from Satan was that by disobeying God she would not die. Eve was deceived, yes, but she and Adam were under commandment to multiply and replenish the earth. In furtherance of that role and responsibility in God's eternal plan, they were eventually to chose to take the "fruit".After much contemplation, I understand that Eve's true mistake was in not consulting Adam before she acted, as the decision to leave the Garden was a decision they needed to make together, otherwise they could not keep the first commandment. And, it should go without saying that taking advice from the Adversary is always wrong.But, then again, Adam and Eve were also childlike in their understanding, so even that much criticism of Eve's choice seems disproportionate.
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