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Catalonia's Separatist Catatonia

LetsDiscussThisCivilly Wrote: Nov 28, 2012 11:22 AM
When I lived in Madrid twenty years ago, I heard a great joke. Here's my imperfect transaltion: A Catalonian goes to Madrid on government business. When he gets there, he can't find anyone in the building. Finally, he tracks down a cleaning woman and asks, "Don't the government employees work in the afternoon?" She responds, "That's not correct, Sir. They don't work in the morning. In the afternoon, they're not here." ("Por la manana, no trabajan. Por la tarde, no estan")
Catalonia, with the city of Barcelona as its Mediterranean hub, occupies modern Spain's northeastern corner. "Occupies" does double duty in the Spain-Catalonia political conflict. Catalonia's more extreme nationalists swear their region has been "occupied" by various Madrid-based governments for four to five centuries. Time to secede from Spain and create an independent Catalonia!

However, Spain's national government -- located in dreaded Madrid -- says secession is unconstitutional. It opposes Catalan secession.

Ignoring Madrid's warnings, in an election held last Sunday, Catalans demonstrated overwhelming support for self-determination as a common desire.

Or is it a bewitched itch? Since 1985, I've argued that...

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