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As Mr. Obama's World Turns

LetsDiscussThisCivilly Wrote: Sep 21, 2012 12:25 AM
I like your username so much, DagNabbit, that I decided it was time to create my own and join the conversation. Here's a link that does a better job than I can do of explaining why marriage should remain a union between a man and a woman; also explains the fallacy of thinking that society will not be impacted by redefining marriage as gender neutral:
It's been twenty years since Vice President Dan Quayle left town. He was hooted and booted out of office. The press had a field day with his misspelling of "potatoe," or rather, potato.

What a dunce, they wrote. Of course, that is standard treatment for conservatives, Christians, or anyone else who doesn't go along with the right thinking, which is to say, the left thinking legions of progressivism. No sooner had the former vice president left Washington for the greener golf courses of Arizona than social scientist Barbara Dafoe Whitehead took to the pages of The Atlantic. In April,...