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Under a Second Obama Term, a More Dependent Nation

LETMEBECLEAR Wrote: Jul 31, 2012 1:21 AM
"Fear and loathing" you are talking about dems/libs right?. I mean you know the "war on women" throwing granny off a cliff... blah,blah,blah... talk about "fear and loathing" you dems/libs have got that covered perfectly.
Conservatives worry that if Barack Obama is re-elected, today's trillion-plus federal deficits and ballooning national debt will continue to grow far into the future.

Conservatives worry that if Obama is re-elected, the implementation of Obamacare will lay the foundation for a single-payer federal health care system.

And conservatives worry that if the president is re-elected, the Justice Department will continue to crush state initiatives dealing with issues like immigration and voter ID; that the president's ideology-driven green energy programs will lead to billions more in wasted spending; and that Obama will undermine desperately needed entitlement reform.

All those are serious...