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She is a conservative for the most part, but she herself has admitted to being soft on illegal aliens saying that as long as they're already here we should take care of them. Se would fit well on the "Gang of Eight".
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The Buck Never Reaches Obama

lethrneck Wrote: Jun 14, 2013 11:43 AM
The buck doesn't stop here with Obama, he keeps giving it away to his beloved Islamic terrorist state like Libya, Egypt, Pakistan, etc.
Katie Couric of ABC network wants to "cut Grover Norquist off at the knees" Funny but i have been thinking that cutting Karie off at the neck would be a blessing for the country. CBS soured on her and now she's trying to get another network to agree. Why not just "cut" her off? She is a worthless twit.
Obama just stated that Romney's positions are "extreme". Have you ever heard of a politician whose vocabulary is so limited? In Obama's view the word 'extreme' is the ONLY word of choice when the Thesaurus lists about thirty words of similar meaning. But no, in Obama's limited mind and lexicon, when he is talking about Republicans the operative word is 'extreme'. How sad when a man claims to be a Harvard graduate to be so limited in making a declaration. But then, we only have his WORD that the is a Harvard graduate; there is no proof of that anywhere in existence. His mentors should improve his teleprompter and add words with the same meaning such as: apex, climax, crest, peak, utmost, zenith or ultimate; for example.
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