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Intellectuals and Race

lester61 Wrote: Mar 12, 2013 11:09 PM
Slavery ended 150 years ago but racism against blacks did not. After the abolition of slavery, blacks were treated like sub-humans in America. Four young ladies were blown to bits in a church of all places. This incident occurred well after slavery. They met their demise because they were black. They did not die because they were up to no good. Righteousness exalts a nation not Conservatism or Liberalism. Jesus is DA MAN

There are so many fallacies about race that it would be hard to say which is the most ridiculous. However, one fallacy behind many other fallacies is the notion that there is something unusual about different races being unequally represented in various institutions, careers or at different income or achievement levels.

A hundred years ago, the fact that people from different racial backgrounds had very different rates of success in education, in the economy and in other endeavors, was taken as proof that some races were genetically superior to others.

Some races were considered to be so genetically inferior that eugenics...