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Justice Department Working With Radical Leftist Groups to Steal Elections

Less1leg Wrote: Apr 28, 2012 8:51 PM
This federal election is going to be a mathematical joke. The radical leftists through manipulations overlooked of course by the DOJ, Eric Holder. This election will have massive voter fraud. And by past practice of Eric "The Red" Holder, he will turn a blind eye to his buds in ACORN funneling questionable voters to and from polling station to polling station. All the while, Eric The Red will quietly permit New Black Panthers to stand guard over Black neighbourhood voting stations as well. And why not, he didn't do a thing last time. So he's entitled the NBP's to help themselves.

HOUSTON, TX- Judicial Watch is the largest non-profit government watchdog group in the country with a mission dedicated to prosecuting corruption. Headed by President Tom Fitton, Judicial Watch is armed and ready for election 2012 and the upcoming battle against voter fraud.

Since the Obama administration came to power in 2009, Judicial Watch has filed more than 300 Freedom of Information Act requests with the Obama Administration.

“It’s about time they are afraid of us,” Fitton said. “We just seek to enforce the law.”

The Obama administration is no stranger...