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Is Middle East Peace a Mirage?

lesoc Wrote: Nov 23, 2012 10:34 AM
It is time for a United Tea Party. . .for all the various tea party organization to meet and coordinate their efforts. Remember, "Apart we fall. United we stand." Bottom line, it is time to worry about America First, as Pat has said so many times. Time to rein in our own government. Time to bring home those 900 overseas military bases. Time to slash government, boost our economy. Tea Parties unite!
Righty3 Wrote: Nov 23, 2012 10:51 AM
While I generally agree, I'm afraid that time has passed.

Obama has shown that a new American underclass controls the discussion today, and they aren't interested in any of the things you mention. All they know is that they want what you have, and now they have the numbers to take it...the rest of us are mere slaves to this new underclass.

Face it: we're no longer a center-right country - Obama and his underclass majority have succeeded in their fundamental transformation, and it's not pretty.

With the truce in the week-long Gaza war, Barack Obama is being prompted by right and left to re-engage and renew U.S. efforts to solve the core question of Middle East peace.

Before he gets reinvolved in peacemaking, our once-burned president should ask himself some hard questions.

Is real peace between Palestinians and Israelis even possible?

Is there any treaty that could be agreed to, or imposed, that would be acceptable to Israel and the Palestinian Authority on the West Bank, let alone to Hamas, which has emerged from its defiance of one of the most intensive bombardments of modern time...