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Tenured New Jersey Union Teacher to 10-Year-Old Autistic Child: Shut Up, Bastard

Leslie96 Wrote: Apr 26, 2012 11:27 AM
While I agree with you about kids dealing drugs and having committed crimes, they are too quick to suspend or expell some kids without giving them the proper help they need. I'm sure there are kids who screw up and the parents have no idea where to turn for help. Not saying all of them, I'm sure many just don't really care and the kids know that and some are looking for attention. There are many parents out there who just protect their little darlings no matter what they do and it's not right that teachers are subjected to disprespect...but that doesn't mean this teacher should be allowed to keep teaching..she has shown she is abusive to a child who doesn't even know the meaning of the word..

Paging New Jersey Governor Chris Christie.

Meet Stuart Chaifetz, a single father to an autistic child named Akian. Chaifetz was told his son was acting out at school, hitting teachers, hitting aides and throwing things. The problem was, his son had always been a happy, well behaved child. After six months of unproductive meetings and talks with teachers about his behavior, Chaifetz sent Akian to school with a wire on. What he found is disturbing. The teacher is heard talking to the children about "heaving" due to a hang over and it turns out, Akian's "bad behavior" only occurred...