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Obama: Your Child Will "Lose" Without Free "High Quality Pre-$chool"

Leslie96 Wrote: Feb 15, 2013 9:24 AM
I wish I had had the opportunity to homeschool when my kids were younger. It wasn't that popular back then and there wasn't much info on doing it. I wish my grandkids would be homeschooled but apparently, that's too much work for the parents, it might interrupt with their lazy days of doing nothing. I totally agree with you and add to the fact that the schools just push kids thru whether they are prepared or not and just don't get a diploma at the end of four years. They refuse to keep kids back to repeat a grade.I just saw an article where they want to teach kids how to perform oral sex correctly??? And we wonder why our kids don't have the education to compete in this world!

The laugh punch line comes at the end: "This works. We know it works."

Putting aside the fiscal issue, I don't think sending our kids to more government-run liberal educators is the solution.