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Did you believe that? ha.....not criticizing you....just the idiots who did believe it...just like they believed he swam from Chappaquiddick to the mainland while a girl drowned in his car!!! AND reelected him!!!
Ok...so I look at this picture and already, as I'm sure many others have, I have profiled this guy into being a gang member....and I like tattoos...and I'm sure there are many gang members being allowed in along with the young murderers who will be found homes somewhere to stay and those host homes won't be told of the possibility they could be murdered in the middle of the night because these kids are desensitized to it. And here we are opening our arms...well not most citizens...but DC...to the throngs of thousands coming into this country illegally...and the lesser amount of those who applaud it as a humanitarian immigration...this is not immigration...this is an invasion....this is overworking our resources...this is a planned attack on our country involving all who think this is okay...that we HAVE to allow them in...the UN...ha...what a joke they are....instead of getting involved in Mexicos drug cartels and murders and human rights violations are more concerned with US not wanting Mexicos derelicts here!!! So, don't tell me not to profile ANYONE by how they look or how they act or where they came from.....this just proved my point!
Must be all those legal gun owners shooting each other huh? But hey...not too late to make more laws ....add more rules I'm sure they'll all follow! Keep up the good work and hopefully other cities will take a different course of action...of course, I'm from Mass and that's about to get worse so........
When does Canada start invading?
Oh well..as long as.they apologized...it's all good now...please keep taking in our citizens....not that we are invading and defending and expanding OUR border...you all got nothing to worry about...
Where? I don't see it.....oh...you mean at the "red line"?
OF course he isn't poor guy...getting blamed for every thing that's been going on for the past six years....all he wants to do is be left alone to play golf and these silly little countries including the US keep interfering and bothering him with "Stuff"....doncha all know it was something he "inherited" and every single disaster/crisis/scandal is all Bush's fault? Stop being so hard on the guy..I mean...he's only the President! What else can we expect from him....to lead?
She is no more the defender of Women's Rights or Child advocacy than I'm the King of Siam!!! SHE is the war on women....she threw women who were taken advantage of by her own husband under the bus, stood by his side and defended their marriage!!! She threw this child under the bus by defending the man she KNEW raped her! And she's still going strong with her "defense of women" while watching the many atrocities that happen to women on a daily basis...instead giving speeches about such drivel as being broke when she left the WH!!! Oh really.....???
Bribing them for votes? or leaving them dead in a park?
Someone here has just proven again why liberalism is a mental disorder....not mentioning any names but you all KNOW who I'm referring to....
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