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The VP Debate

LesFalin Wrote: Oct 12, 2012 6:58 PM
The debate last night shows the strategy of the Left. This is what you do when your record of performance is one to run from, not on; when your only proposals are recycled promises. Last night our Vice President went on a childish rant. Instead of engaging in civil discourse on issues that really matter to this country, he responded to Paul Ryan with condescension, derision and a stream of snide sneers and guffaws. Joe Biden is the “poster child” for everything that is wrong with dialogue in the public square. One can only wonder: Does he treat foreign dignitaries this way when they visit the White House?



Democrats have been stunned by the staying power of last week's debate between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney.

The other day Obama did a taped interview for the Tom Joyner radio show. In it he said he had been "too polite" toward Romney in their debate but we were not likely to see that next time.

It seems like every cab in which I've ever ridden in Washington, DC had Diane Rehm on the radio. Since 1977 I've been working through the dial to find the "All Diane Rehm" station, but I've been unsuccessful.