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The World of All 8 O'clock Classes and No Cuts

LesFalin Wrote: Jan 10, 2013 8:26 AM
Nice. Academia needs more people like Fred Chapman who challenge students to stretch their intellectual muscles, to grow not through comfort but passion and work. Sadly, academia is vastly more interested in revenue growth than intellectual growth. Today, six times as many students earn A- or better than was true a few decades ago. Students study far less, but earn higher grades. They try to appeal to us with such marketing fluff as "design your own major," the promise of overseas study boondoggles and snappy new dining and exercize facilities. Its all about the money--the university's money, that is. Far too many students cannot secure meaningful employment after graduation. Then, thankfully, there are still people like Fred Chapman.

My undergraduate studies took place at Presbyterian College, a liberal arts school of about 1,000 students in Clinton, S.C. The town was so small that you had to leave it to find a McDonald's or go to a movie.

The campus was picturesque. Old, tall oak trees, brick buildings, a lawn where students played Frisbee and football, a girls' freshman dorm that had shared bathrooms in the hall and no air conditioning. When I started, I knew only one other student (the previous year's valedictorian from my high school), but I gained many lifelong friends along the way.

While the...