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Liberal Media Brings Out the Hockey Pucks

LesFalin Wrote: Aug 31, 2012 6:27 AM
Liberals lie . . . all the time . . . about everything. If liberals told the truth, who would listen? Who would enroll in their classes? Who would read their newspapers? Who would pay to see their movies? Who would listen to their endless commercials for legal services in the middle of the day? Who would vote for them? For liberals, lying is not merely a bad habit, nor is it a sin, it is a way of relating to the world.

In 2004, Arnold Schwarzenegger, then a popular figure in the Republican Party, gave an exciting, upbeat and surprisingly funny speech at the GOP convention. He covered a lot of territory: the story of how he came to America, how he became a Republican after listening to Richard Nixon, and other highlights of his life story.

Afterwards, then-CBS News anchor Dan Rather reported that Schwarzenegger "slapped John Kerry around like a hockey puck."

The only problem: Schwarzenegger never mentioned John Kerry, not even once.

I bring it up because it's hardly news that much of the press likes...