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What a magnificent load of horse manure.
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An Unhappy Summer for Liberty

LES22 Wrote: Sep 04, 2014 8:29 AM
As do I. It may have been unwise but not unjust.
Justbecause you are sitting in the oval office,esn t mean tht you are Just because you are sitting in the Oval Office doesn't mean that you are Abraham Lincoln.
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LES22 Wrote: Aug 11, 2014 8:22 AM
Laura is not censoring - she is commenting on an opinion - offering her own opinion. The same as you.
Very good idea. At the very least, they shouldn't name something about a serving politician; perhaps after he has been dead or 10 years. I've been through West Virginia - they might as well change the name of the state to "Byrd".
Kirk, Buckley and Schlafly are 'battlers' not 'wonks'. Bill once threatened to punch Gore Vidal in the mouth on TV.
A special prosecutor needs to be appointed. However, I doubt that AG Holder will do so. He will investigate this like he did "fast and furious", which is to say never. Perhaps this is a tactical mistake on his part, In three years, we will have a new AG. If he is a Republican we will get some serious investigation and people will end up in jail.
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Popular Nonsense

LES22 Wrote: Jun 04, 2014 9:15 AM
I disagree with Stossel on the issue of unpaid interns. Those organizations that utilize unpaid interns always seem to be those organizations that are populated by leftists; the media and journalism. Other businesses do not seem to get that benefit. CBS, the New York Times and the local center for the arts can engage a college student over the summer to answer their phones, run papers between offices and pick up lunch at a local restaurant for the noon staff meeting but let that local restaurateur hire a kid for no wages and teach him how to cook and the gov-t will be on him in short time..
The Holy Spirit is the "Comforter". Muhammad never comforted anyone.
It is hard to have much sympathy for recent investors in Cuba who have had their property stolen. They must have been aware that the Cuban government had stolen the property of earlier investors. If a publically traded company invests in Cuba and has its property expropriated without compensation, the investor/owners of that company could sue management for failing to take that into account.
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