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You can't force an elected official to retire and we already have term limits -- every six years for a Senator. We can limit them to one term if we wish -- don't vote for them. And, if we start telling people they are too old . . . for anything, then where does it stop? Will we then tell people they are too old to vote, as well? How about too old to make a contribution to society and put them out to pasture? Can't blame politicians for their stupid constituents. We'd be better off giving Civics tests as a prerequisite for voting. No one should just mindlessly vote "R" or "D." "Low information voter" is just a politically correct way of saying parasite.
I always enjoy Derek Hunter's insight. I go out of my to read his material because he is always spot on.
Great insight. Like politics, necessity makes for strange bedfellows. When there is no more money for 24/7 playtime, our perspectives will dramatically change. The young people do not share the same values, however, as the aging population. I think there are some dark days ahead for our retirees. Priorities will focus on financial issues.
I don't recognize the America I grew up in. There are so many people in positions of authority who lack critical thinking skills . . . no, it's worse than that -- they lack character. I previously thought that the liberals' ideology had morphed into a religion but it appears the Devilcrats are officially a cult.
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Millionaires Need Your Help!

Leroy55 Wrote: Apr 03, 2014 9:03 AM
Great article. Greed and politics, what a terrible combination. You hit the nail on the head. The contractors who built my house hired illegals to do much of the work. They didn't lower the price of the house, and I can assure you that they didn't pay the workers $20.00 an hour. Most American laborers are not paid that much money. I don't blame the Mexicans for the simple reason that if things were better in Mexico, American laborers would go there to find work. If that is what I had to do to support my family, I would do so. I blame the greedy business owners who exploit those in need. They could care less about the American laborer. If the American business owners weren't so greedy they would hire American's. I do not object to paying more for our products if our sons and daughters are employed to make them. It is people like this man who are Un-American, along with the contemptible politicians who enable them in their criminal enterprises. Our government prosecutes and sometimes kills people for not paying their taxes on moonshine, yet they allow this kind of stuff to continue.
I find it interesting that she wants us to "feel her pain," regarding Benghazi. This woman is a political animal. She has no soul. She will say and do anything for a vote without regard for integrity. She has to feel numb all of the time. She explains in her interview that she made her decisions based on imperfect information. Really? She didn't cut George W. any slack on the imperfect information he was given. The pathetic part of all of this is that her supporters don't care what she has done, or not done. They don't care that her incompetence cost patriots their lives. They will support her blindly and she knows it. I think people who lie without a conscience are called sociopaths.
There was a story of a young black man who was being fired from his job. He told the boss, "You are firing me because I am black." The boss responded: "No, I hired you because you were black. I am firing you because you are a lousy employee." Obama was elected based on his race. He is now one of the most unpopular presidents in our history, precisely because he has turned out to be a lousy president. And in regard to his race, he enjoys an approval rating among black people in the 96 percentile based exclusively on racism.
I thought it refreshing that he is puzzled by a group of people who do not mind losing. Translation: Principled people who stand for something they believe in. People who are more concerned with principles than they are political office. The politicians from his generation don't stand for anything on principle. He is confused by this perspective and I am encouraged by people who actually believe in something and are not so inclined to lie. Wouldn't it be nice to have our government run by people who honestly tell us what they stand for so that we might better determine whether we support them? As it stands, the majority say whatever they think the audience wants to hear. There affirmations of support are based totally on demographics.
This is nothing new. People get fired in the private sector for seemingly innocuous things. People can lose their jobs for saying the wrong thing to the bosses wife at at Christmas party. A&E has a right to suspend him, and he has a right to take his show to another network who will profit handsomely. He has a right to his belief about homosexuality and our Constitution gives him the right to verbalize that belief. Nowhere does the Constitution provide a guarantee to be free from the consequences of verbalizing our perspectives. A&E has the right to fire him. He does not have a constitutional right to be employed by A&E. We all know the rules. When in a public position, airing personal beliefs can be dangerous to our pocketbook. If the Duck Dynasty family decides to take their popular show to another network, I think A&E might be getting ready to learn that they are not free from consequences, as well. It all works out in the end. He is a multi-millionaire and will do just fine in life even if his popular show ends. Worst case scenario is that he would be forced to get a regular job like the rest of society. Best case scenario is that another network picks the show up and he and his family become rich beyond their wildest expectations. As long as he was not jailed for exercising free speech I don't think his constitutional rights have been jeopardized. He should ask FOX network for a spot; they are unafraid.
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