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Farewell to the Gallant "Iron Lady"

Lepanto Wrote: Apr 08, 2013 1:42 PM
Thatcher, Regan and John Paul II stared down the Soviet Union vanquishing the Evil Empire! Thank God for providing the world with such providential leadership. May they rest in peace.

The death of Margaret Thatcher grieves the hearts of freedom-loving people everywhere.

Back in 2004, I commemorated the 25th anniversary of her rise to power with this piece.  One can only hope -- despite her status as a full-throated conservative -- that the eulogies of her will be honest enough to teach a new generation about her many impressive accomplishments.

It is difficult to overstate what Margaret Thatcher meant to me, as a teenager growing up in the 80's.  Her courage (personal and political), her dedication to her principles, her work ethic, her multi-faceted intelligence and...