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Well said Ms Brittany. I know when I'm asked why I own firearms, I reply that, in case the inquisitor hadn't noticed, that there are people out there who actually WANT to shoot other people. I spent over 30 years answering 911 calls and sending LEO's and FR's out. I think I can say with something of an experts view, that when one's life and that of their family's is at stake, and seconds count, The Police are only minutes away.
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For Women in 2012, A War on Stereotypes

LeoNeighn Wrote: Jul 30, 2012 4:23 PM
Sorry if it offends, but I know, I KNOW, that Obammunist received an Enormous bulk of votes from female guilt. As in "If I vote for a black man, I"ll assauge the ancestral guilt of not having done so before, and I'll be able to brag about it to my Lib friends, raising my position in the pack order".With a few exceptions, a male uses his ability to reason to solve problems. A woman uses her ability to reason to find excuses for why she did something by instinct.
I did NOT make it that way ! ;God.
The writers of the Constitution were very, very careful in their wording of the document. For a brief time in human history, there was a nation of what we . . . well, we Used to call, "Middle Class". People who could choose, and direct their own futures. Have their own ideas and pursue them. BUT . . . Those who have the psychological need or desire for Power (and power does what?) to tell others how to run their lives became politicians, and looked for ways to become re-elected despite poor performance. Guarantee votes ? Give money to people who had less. From where ? The middle class. The U.S. is headed back to peasants and rulers. Mud huts and castles. Unless, since we now have WMD's, we wipe the globe clean of ourselves.
Well now, I guess you really got Mr Norris on this one. Hmmmm. Lets see. Oh, I know ! How about the MILLIONS of unarmed people murdered by psychpathic tyrants of HUNDREDS of counties, until the populace was reduced to submissive peasants and armored limmosine petty dictators ? Idiot !
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Forget the Creep

LeoNeighn Wrote: Jul 26, 2012 5:42 PM
What fredjay mentioned about Twain's caution, about giving these social parasites more than a mote of notariety, merely encouraging others to do the same in the future. Yep. Also, isn't there a way to screen the people the Gubmint gives college grants to ? That IS where the joker got the money to buy his arsenal ya' know.
Ol' "Tricky Dicky" Nixon was no great prize for Conservatives, BUT, he did come up with the phrase,"Silent Majority". I don't know if it's a majority any longer, but a HUGE number of conservatives that usually don't participate in poles is very definitely going to be voting this fall. Their candidate ? ABO.
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Suppose Michele Bachmann Is Right?

LeoNeighn Wrote: Jul 26, 2012 5:08 PM
"More people have been put to the sword over the argument of where their soul goes after being put to the sword, than any other". All organized religions follow the same pattern. "Believe in MY God or yea shall perish!" eventually (heh heh) evolves into"My God loves all". Islam is just the latest. Remember though, that THIS time, that new religion will have modern weapons. Can the worlrd really be so tolerant this time ?
Not that much concerned about the amount of rounds fired in training. Were they trained to THINK, and could they Hit anything ?
Many, many, many such acts of self defense occur EVERY DAY, and they usually end with the attacker fleeing after the"victim"has shown the will and ability to make the theft of their wallet with $35 in in not an economically efficient move, by, well, "drawing down"on the attacker. No shots fired. No injuries. No calls to the authorities. But, if its not on paper, it didn't happen, right ? Just ask USCA Holder.
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Into Africa

LeoNeighn Wrote: Jul 26, 2012 4:20 PM
Though a conservative myself, I will try to point out,(to blind eyes) that 99 % of Human organized religions have gone through pretty much the same pattern. " Islam is just the latest. Don't get me wrong ! They ARE going to hit us, and in the way they can do the most perceived harm to us. Negotiating with a prayer (any) screeching mob armed with modern weapons is just as NUTS as their religion. This (conservative) pagan says. Hit 'em now!
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