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Coming Soon: UN Arms Trade Treaty Round Two

LeoNeighn Wrote: Jul 30, 2012 5:42 PM
Unarmed peasants in mud huts, and wise(so they tell themselves) rulers in castles. I's what happens, and where the US is headed. When the world is run by a "what could be if everyone was fair and got along", instead of a "hey, look at this. I can advance myself if I work at improving this" policy. Individuals become just another worker ant in the colony that protects the breeders.. Which one are you going to be, who-ever is reading this? What does that tell you about yourself ?

Good news (sort of): The UN Arms Trade Treaty has died - but only for now it seems. Member states negotiating the treaty in New York this month failed to reach an agreement by Friday’s CoB deadline. The U.S. and Russia rejected the draft saying there was not enough time to clarify and resolve their respective issues with the final version.  

The treaty targeted the regulation of everything from small arms and light weapons to helicopters and tanks, which obviously elicited a firestorm of outrage from Second Amendment advocates. As a last measure and warning to the administration,...