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Young Voters: Obama’s a Cool President, and You’re a Broke Clod Living with Mommy

Leonard W. Wrote: Apr 29, 2012 8:10 PM
He is black alright but a president he is not. He could not tie a real presidents shoes. Yes he is cool, he spends our money like it's his own, he sings dance and out lie a cross cut saw, but a president he will never be. You young idiots out there, you can not take cool to the bank. You had better get your ducks in a row because before to long you will be on your own and without a job or money to have a place to live because you let a fraud lead you by the nose straight to nowhere's ville man. The funky chicken is not a plate of food.

Obama appeared on Jimmy Fallon’s show this past week and did a slow jam with Fallon and his house band—a brilliant move by the Entertainer-in-Chief. I thought it was both funny and smart.

From a comedy perspective, it was well-written and well-performed by Obama, Fallon and The Roots. In terms of cleverness, it was shrewd in that the young people who watch Jimmy’s show probably don’t—or won’t—follow the manifold ways BHO has hammered the U.S. through his policies, and the majority of them love to laugh.

Ignorance + a Funny Bone = Ripe Pickings for the President.