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Up In Flames... In The Heartland

Leonard67 Wrote: Aug 15, 2014 3:52 PM
Who the f--- formatted the layout on this blog? Idiot. Charles Payne: I hope you have read the new news as to what caused the shooting - after you have said your piece to fan the flames of discontent, FOR JUSTICE, I also hope for justice. There should be a roundup of thugs for rioting, looting, and many other crimes from photos during. Bunch of animals.
In the old days he would get fragged PDQ.
Chicken $heet. No One asked you to resign, we don't want you resigned. We want you recalled. We want you humiliated for all your evil deeds. We want a conservative in your place. This is a move by the leftist machine in Colorado to defend against the conservative movement that is sweeping the state. Hitlerlooper went to her and told her (They ARE going to recall you, I have seen the signatures, so you resign and then I can put another extreme socialist liberal in your place to finish out your term), limit the damage as much as possible. Snakes in the grass. Got to do some studying on state law to see what can be done about this. Or some of you legal beagles out there fill me in. Many good people and businesses have already picked up and moved out of this liberal progressive state. This IS going to have long term effects. We need to take every measure possible to ensure that this is corrected and EVERYONE knows that we a serious, and that this liberalism is going to be removed from Colorado.
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