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The Cliff is Behind Us, Time to Brace For the Coming Battles

Leonard152 Wrote: Jan 07, 2013 1:49 AM
We conservatives don't have ANYONE in Washington DC who we can call 'Our Leader'. The last 'Leader' we had was Ronald Reagan. The two Bushes, John McCain, Mitt Romney, John Boehner are not the kind of leaders we can respect, admire, follow or support with our votes, time, energy and money. Republicans have appeared more stupid, inept, unprincipled, confused, and useless since 2010 than anyone could have dared to imagine. Conservatives have many cogent and strong voices outside of Washington but none inside the halls of power where it matters most. Let's stop preaching to the choir. It makes no difference whatsoever! We need to start kicking some a**s!

For the record, count me among the opponents of the fiscal cliff-averting measure that passed the House and Senate this week.

But please do not count me among those for whom this was a do-or-die litmus test for conservative veracity.

There are things members of Congress could do that would explode their reputations with me-- endorse Obamacare, back Roe v. Wade, cozy up to terrorists-- but when all is said and done, these days of intra-party angst are about differences in strategy, not goals.

From my North Texas base, I watched our area’s Republican contingent vote no, with opposition extending even...

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