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Sometimes It’s The Messenger

Leonard152 Wrote: Feb 11, 2013 12:16 AM
"Money will be spent and calories will be burnt all in a public fight over what a doctor of pediatric neurosurgery showed the world – that a simple, honest and heartfelt message of self-reliance, or conservatism to put it simply, can satiate the hunger millions of Americans feel." If that doctor became the voice of the Republican Party the Democrats would take sound trashing in 2014 and 2016 precisely for the reasons Derek mentioned. Reagan used to bring tears to my eyes. Boehner, McConnel and Cantor make me cringe every time they speak and what they say invariably is boring, irrelevant and not worth hearing or repeating.

Infighting continued amongst conservatives and Republicans this week. Karl Rove angered Tea Partiers by implying they don’t know how to pick candidates. Majority Leader Eric Cantor told anyone who would listen Republicans need to learn to craft their message better for a broader audience. Every conservative group and politician is scrambling to find a way to appeal to various groups of Americans in a way that will “work” to win them votes. It reeks of desperation…and it’s nothing new.

After every election loss by Republicans in the last 20 years, the media has declared them dead, particularly the conservative wing of...