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Right Must Summon Moral Courage To Fight Back

Leonard152 Wrote: Jan 26, 2013 2:20 AM
"I'm not sure the American people are as liberal as it seems, if for no other reason than liberals still conceal their true intentions or disguise them in such platitudinous language that we never have a true referendum on liberalism." Liberals never state their true agenda or goals in unambiguous language because they realize that they are still in the minority and that proclaiming their liberal progressive dogma clearly would produce a major negative response. This is also why they will not defend their radical and extremist views and ideology openly but use vilification and ad hominen attacks almost exclusively. Of course this strategy is way over the heads of most Americans who are political ignoramuses, which also explains why tyrants
Ms Kelly Wrote: Jan 26, 2013 6:17 PM
Leonard: You can finish your post by clicking on the "Reply" button and posting the rest of your comment underneath your original comment. I hate to see a good comment left hanging because someone ran out of room.
Welcome to an America with liberalism in full ascendancy as golfer Phil Mickelson apologizes for doing nothing wrong while the Obama administration lambasts its opponents for justly demanding it apologize for doing plenty wrong on Benghazi.

Welcome to a land where the gravest problem threatening the nation is spending, where the Democratic president refuses to cut, where the Democratic Senate lawlessly refuses to pass a budget and where Democrats thwart congressional GOP efforts to enact spending and entitlement reform, yet the public is conned into believing that Republicans are the problem.

Welcome to a culture in which the political left is frighteningly intolerant...