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What about the Brainiacs?

Leonard152 Wrote: 4 hours ago (6:38 PM)
Obama's motivation for amnesty has nothing to do with the economy or growth. He is trying to increase the Democratic voter base. Politics, always politics!
Obama, Reid and Pelosi: the triumvirate of despotism. We have neutralized two of them through elections. Only Obama remains. When he's gone the power of the people and the Congress will be restored.
"For the record, we were never going to deport 5 million illegal aliens." This, like so many other social problems, exist only in the incendiary narratives that the Left creates to further its agenda. Obama's scandals are real. It is his narratives that are fiction.
"For Obama the point was not to liberate people, but to enthrall them with his Lincoln fantasy. If America didn’t need a civil war, Obama would create one." He has already started a Civil War. Thus far it is a war of ideas and words, but he still has two years left to preside over a Civil War like Lincoln did. Only this time it is the white people who will be emancipated.
"Now that Obama is declaring war on the Constitution and attempting to further emasculate Congress, it must draw and use every weapon in its constitutional arsenal to nullify Obama's action -- and to deter future tyrants from following his disgraceful example." I declared a long time ago that Congress is irrelevant in the Age of Obama. He has challenged its authority time and again and has always emerged the victor. Even more irrelevant are the Republicans in Congress. Until the midterm elections they could have offered the excuse that they were a minority in the Senate. Now that they have become the majority this excuse will no longer work. We gave the Republicans the majority in Nov 2014 but it seems that we may have wasted our votes. We can elect them to office but we cannot infuse them with courage and principles. Maybe elections have also become as irrelevant as the Congress itself.
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Gruber Was Right

Leonard152 Wrote: Nov 21, 2014 1:54 AM
"Then they’d hope they remembered to set their DVR to record The Real Housewives Of Kardashianville and forget all about it." "You may not be interested in politics but politics may be interested in you." - Pericles One day the "Real Housewives" may be replace by "Big Brother's Daily Exercise Regimen". It will not be you watching but being watched.
Obama entered the White House possessed by a Grand Illusion: he would transform America into his personal vision of morality and virtue. The realization of this illusion has met with many obstacles and frustrations, disappointments and failures. He is now a man desperate to salvage at least a portion of his Grand Illusion. He realizes that with the results of the 2014 elections and the never-ending scandals which plague his regime the realization of his Illusion is unlikely, even in small part. This is why he is becoming even more defiant and determined to unilaterally impose his Illusion on the rest of us. He only has 2 years left to do so. He is desperate to have a legacy with some redeeming value to him personally. Compromising with Republicans is not the way, in his mind, to salvage the legacy he envisioned, however unrealistically, when campaigning in 2007. For his sake, and ours, he should resign and admit that running for President was a monstrous mistake and that his sanity is more important than his legacy.
"Yet these are among the issues Obama has put at the very top of his post-election list that have drawn all of his attention since the congressional elections." Obama has had a radical Leftist agenda since Jan 2008. He did not back off this agenda after the 2010 midterm shellacking and expecting him to do so after the 2014 elections results is to underestimate and misunderstand the degree of his dedication to socialist and Marxist principles. He will never move to the "center" like Bill Clinton did. He is as rigid and dogmatic in his ideology as ISIS is in theirs. The only real remedy to Obama is impeachment but for a variety of reasons this option is impracticable. So the Congress must constrain and restrict him from causing any further damage to the country for his remaining two years. That's why Republicans were elected in 2014.
"Instead, he's stubbornly ignoring their complaints and has staked out a far-left agenda on issues that appeal to the narrower, liberal base of his party." This "base" consisting of elitist intellectuals and wealthy donors who consider themselves our betters and us the imbeciles needing their divine guidance and correction. Think of the gods on Mount Olympus.
"President Obama and the Democrats are in a state of deep denial about the message the voters sent to Washington in the midterm elections." They are in "deep denial" all the time, yesterday, today and tomorrow. Denial is part of their character, their nature, their essence. Their denial is matched by conservative naivete in thinking that if reality hits them hard enough on the head they will finally acknowledge it.
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