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Coal Matters – Even in Manhattan

Leonard152 Wrote: Jun 24, 2012 9:38 PM
Bloomberg has wandered from the right side of the street to the left side over the years. At this point he talks and acts like a raging lunatic progressive and advocate of bigger government and more regulations. Increasing energy costs to millions of people already struggling with their finances to obtain a utopian goal is muddle-headed thinking. These liberals need to get their feet planted on the ground instead of in the clouds.

Coal today may seem of little relevance to many residents of New York City or other American urban centers. It long ago ceased to fuel the furnaces of their homes and apartment buildings in winter.

But long after it disappeared from the uses most visible to city dwellers, coal is still the critical fuel behind the everyday functions of their lives. Across the U.S., for more than a century, coal has remained quietly at work – providing in recent years nearly half the electricity that lights urban buildings and streets, keeps air conditioners humming on hot days and energizes computers and...