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"Head Start" an Abysmal Failure for Kids, a Spectacular Success for Teachers

Leona13 Wrote: May 09, 2012 10:18 AM
Head Start, Early Start, they are ALL just glorified baby sitters. Our educational system is BROKE and Social Engineering does NOT WORK. Why do you think we now have Charter Schools and Church based schools. We don't challenge our students anymore. Do you know who has the highest math and science scores and ALSO ENGLISH? Students in Shanghai, China. What happened? The States gave it to the Federal Government (Dept.of Education) and now the States must take it back. If you want something screwed up, give it to the Government.

Head Start, a preschool program for low-income kids has been a spectacular success, not for kids, but for teachers and teachers' unions.

Please consider Miami-Dade County seeks to unload Head Start program, salaries

For more than four decades, Miami-Dade County officials have managed Head Start, the storied preschool program for children from low-income families. But the county now wants out — and “generous” salaries are partly to blame.

On average, Miami-Dade paid its Head Start teachers $76,860 in salary and fringe benefits in 2011, county records show. That’s about 90 percent higher than the second highest-paying Head Start provider in...

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