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You hit the nail on the head! It was NEVER designed to work, it was intended to cause chaos. This is how Socialism takes over.
GREAT HEADLINE, but considering most people don't read PAST the headline it can leave information in the wrong hands and they will quote your headline. Whatever happened to this President that was supposed to UNITE US. JUST THE OPPOSITE HAS HAPPENED AND BLACKS AND WHITES ARE MORE DIVIDED. Now let's start putting all the Muslims into the Mix, that Obama is bringing here by the hundreds of thousands and see what we end up. I FEAR FOR THIS COUNTRY.
John, PLEASE RETIRE. It's unclear whether you are a Democrat or Republican as you seem to flip-flop so much. As far as immigration is concerned, if anyone is ILLEGAL THEN SEND THEM HOME AND REWARD THOSE WHO HAVE STOOD IN LINE.As for children who are born here in the US to illegal parents, clarify the Constitution that only children of Slaves were to be given citizenship. Can't those in Washington get it straight. CLOSE THE DAMN BORDER, FIRST.
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Obama's Master Plan With Eric Holder

Leona13 Wrote: Oct 07, 2014 12:05 PM
You are absolutely right, we need term limits. After listening to Ms. Ginsburg in an interview she should have been thrown under the bus a long time ago. Of course, dear Eric resigned with the intention of ending up on the Supreme Court. Obama has become a Dictator, but then I have to ask where the hell is Congress and WHY have THEY allowed POTUS to become a Dictator. No one wants to take responsibility.
Why should a leader of a foreign country, especially Mexico, be telling the USA where we should have the Border. Money sent back to Mexico from Spanish living in the US is the second largest income after Oil. He encourages those in Mexico to go the US and with our "open Border" and Obama, he is getting just what he wants.
It makes me wonder, are our college students not being taught critical thinking or are they being dummied down by the Progressives who are teaching in our colleges. Think about it, some of the radical people from the 60's and 70's are NOW teaching in our Colleges. Incidentally, some are friends of Obama.
Let's face it, Nancy has been out in the sun too long in California. Have you noticed that small round circle on her neck. She's had so many face lifts that's her belly button.!!
You can almost bet they will be audited by the IRS and you can also bet he already has a list of all the Members. If POTUS doesn't get what he wants someone will get the blame. But it doesn't really matter that he's not in the Whitehouse, since Valarie Jarrett pulls all the strings. He's just the "front man"
PLEASE, Hillary just go away! For you to say that GLOBAL WARMING is the greatest threat to the USA, just indicates how far out of touch you are. You will pander to whatever audience you are speaking. I don't understand WHY anyone would even pay to listen to you. I wish the Clintons, the Bushes and the Obamas would just sink into the sunset and GO AWAY FOR GOOD.. There just has to be someone out there that is a true leader. Let's hope they come forward and unite this country. There is a lot of blame to go around over the last 30-40 years, with BOTH the Democrats and Republicans. Take control away from the Government and give it back to the States where it belongs.
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Will ISIS Attack the United States?

Leona13 Wrote: Aug 11, 2014 9:27 AM
You are correct, absolutely correct. The Progressive-Democrats think they elected one of their own, but Obama is a RADICAL MUSLIM through and through. A Muslim cannot LIE to another Muslim, but is ALLOWED TO LIE TO THE INFIDELS. No wonder he lies so much.
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