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The best thing that could happen for the American people in regrad to this bill is to end all the waivers from it.
If this legislation passes, any worker that wants to can continue to be a member of and pay their union dues. Only those that don't want to are impacted. Democrats are for choice, aren't they? AREN'T THEY?
continued: We only lost an election. We didn't die. Get to work!
While Obama isn't being granted a "mandate", this election sure has mandated continued activism on our part. Four years... we need to press forward with educating the electorate on reality vs. hopes and wishes. We still need reign in the power of government with legislation, which needs to limit its power to affect citizens negatively even if it can't be shrunk. I'm composing a letter to send to all my representatives (even those that I didn't vote for) asking that discretion be taken away from congress in any new legislation passed... If we authorize funding, it should ONLY be available to use for those things that we the people supported ahead of passing the bill. No more promises that don't come true. It's a new day. We may...
Who called Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. a communist was Bobby Kennedy, who locked him up for exactly that. Martin Luther King Jr. guaranteed JFK 8 million votes for his release, and despite 100 years of Democrats forming the Ku Klux Klan and proposing and passing Jim Crow laws, black people honored Martin Luther King Senior's promise. You need to watch AlphonZo Rachel's "ZoNation" for an unbiased report of objective history by a black man.... and consider: the longest-serving congressman in the history of our nation was Senator Robert Byrd, Democrat from West Virginia - a man who was a Kleagle (inspiring recruiter) for the Klan and who was still tossing around the 'N' word in 2007: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0FIBJt-c2o0
I think this is part of their job, as well as the job of actors in Hollywood. They play the public as dupes for a living, OF COURSE they think poorly of those dupes' ability to determine reality on their own. Professional liars never respect those who believe (and pay for) their lies.
Unfortunately, the current occupant of the white house does not respect the 10th amendment. Rather than implement immigration reform when he had the political capital and the support of a filibuster-proof majority in the Senate and a stron majority in the House of Representatives, Barack Obama left the issue until election time, still not proposing legislation. Rather he simply exercised prosecutorial discretion, which leaves a the lives and families of a large portion of the populace (illegal immigrants) at the whimsy of politicians who can change their minds at any time... without the protection of the 10th amendment.
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