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No, we need another party. Ron Paul would have beat the fraud. I truly believe the sorry republicans wanted the fraud to win. They are go along. The want what the fraud wants, new world order. They have to go if we are to survive.
This creep will order it but it will never happen. We may be a divided nation, but no foreign creep can make us kill each other. Each one in the Arm Services has a mother, father, sister, brother, wife, husband, or some relation that can just tell him flat out. You do and you are band from this family. On the other hand, we have many that hate this country and it's people ie, the Ft. Hood terrorist, that killed as many Americans as he could before he could be stopped. We are in a fix people and we can thank the sorry, the greedy, baby killers, stupid blacks, freaks, union rank and file and their mobsters, and the list goes on. I must mention illegals in general.
Will some one tell me what language is not inappropriate when talking about a traitor and his followers? This is one of our problems, a media that respects a person that is not a president of this country but is acting as one or should I say a dictator or a king, while we don't even know what his name is or where it is he came from. According to his SS#, he is deceased, according to his birth certificate, he was never born. We haven't had a president in this country since Bush.
Not that many gun owners should be in any one place at the same time. I will let you think about that. This creep is dead serious about total control of this nation, at least his muslim handlers are. This fraud is a puppet on a string. The muslim woman that follows him around in the guiding force of this traitor.
Elementery Watson. Tell your black child the truth.The black person that slime his way into the nations capitol is not someone to celabrate because he is a criminal with a stolen SS#, fake birth certificate, a muslim pig that is a homo, he hates America and it's people, he is a traitor, and has the blood of our American people on his hands, there isn't one thing about this fraud you want to copy. That's not all but it would take a couple of weeks to tell you all the low life things this zebra has don't against this country.
Send him packing, put the skids under his rear, let the doorknob hit him, just get him the hell out of Washington and in jail where he and his cronies belong. I am sick of looking at him with his lying arrogant , perverted a##.
Let us not get too carried away my people. Let's keep that old evil eye on the fraud until the last vote is counted.
Don't insult boys like that. He is a shim.
That want to get to the bottom of this by the fraud placing his soap cooler between the back pockets of the murdering muslims of the world while trashing America and it's people. The congress needs to look up the word treason.
Don't complain, get even, send those two commie traitors back to Africa or where ever the h333 they sprouted up from.
If seeing black and white democrat commies for what they really are, then you can color me racist and I am proud of it. These commies are sadist, biiiig liars, and just right out scummy. They use you ignorant blacks like a baby diaper and you love it without question. You hang around them like Fido waiting for a crum to drop. For over 50+ years these low life black and white have been promising you morons, they will take care of you and they are going to take from those that are rich, rich because they did not set on their a333 waiting for a crum to drop. These sorry blacks are too stupid to know that because the maggots making these promises are also filthy rich and is not willing to part with one red cent of their illgotton bounty.
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