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No it is not he that thinks he is the messiah, it is his stupid one track mind followers that think so.
Pam, he is the creepy N#2$%.
The kind with a fraud muslim illegally in it's Capitol building.
We don't give a rat's ice tea about the IRS. Get that creep out of office before it is too late. If the IRS can be controlled by a rogue illegal president there isn't any fixing to be done. Man, what a bunch of dumb Americans. People from other country, including the fraud, come here and completely take over our country and make us their slaves. The benefit from our laws and Government while we get the skids.
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Operation Smear Benghazi Whistleblowers

lengid69 Wrote: May 08, 2013 4:06 PM
They need to roll his a## out of our White House. He is a muslim plant and a traitor.
There isn't lady among the commie creeps, so how would they know one when they see one?
The ignorance of a black is what empowers frauds like obama and the commies around the world.
You are exactly right. This creater of this article has lost his/ her mind.
No, we need another party. Ron Paul would have beat the fraud. I truly believe the sorry republicans wanted the fraud to win. They are go along. The want what the fraud wants, new world order. They have to go if we are to survive.
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