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Snob Rule

Len196 Wrote: Apr 15, 2013 3:09 PM
It's not the party. Party is an abstract notion. It's the people in the party. There were decent people among Dems (Pat Moynihan, Zell Miller come to mind). But most of them (and I'm talking about our Congress and government) are for their own benefit first. And those who came to really do service to people got either corrupted or pushed out. The only solution I see is to get the freshmen (while honest and enthusiastic) to pass the term limits (any type) with subcequent ban to be lobbyist or work for the government for next 15 years. Then, may be then, we can correct first and improve the situation

America’s ruling class appears to believe that its mission is to subjugate and bring to heel those outside the club – which means you and me. This motley crew – who would never be caught dead jamming to something as déclassé as Mötley Crüe – has always held the rest of the country in contempt. But now that contempt is the basis of policy, and this simply cannot continue.

Big trucks. Country music. Any music not on vinyl. These are just some of the rest of America’s failings. The people who built the country, who fought for it, who unashamedly stand...