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The author as the most of the Western politician is confused. ISIS is a real threat to the Western civilization not Putin. Putin could be useful ally in the fight against Muslim terrorism. Ukraine is unfortunately is in the sphere of Russian interests not American interests. Monro doctrine is American invention and Putin is just exercising Russian version of Monro doctrine. As to Crimea it's historically a piece of Russian land.
So much sarcasm. Looks like the author is trying to hide by that his absolute luck of knowledge of events in the area. It's a shame that Western politicians with Obama as their leader base their policy on rumors and suspicions. If Putin wants invasion he would move tanks not trucks with food. Mocking Putin as communist because he was born in the Soviet Union is a child play. He maybe be dictator but not communist. Same way you may say Merkel is a Nazi because she was born in Germany.
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Obama Breaks Up with Putin

Len185 Wrote: Aug 08, 2014 3:08 PM
I am not Putin fan, but it does not mean I accept whatever is written this author. Whatever covert plans he has, restoring Soviet Union is not one of them. Where did you take this information? Also, he is not going to invade anything. It would be just a big headache for him. As to Crimea, it is a piece of Russian land illegally taking from Russia by communist ruler. It's done deal. And there is no way apart from nuclear war to reverse it. Why do you call Russian separatist terrorist. They are not terrorists. Unlike Hamas they do not launch rockets to Kiev. They are fighting for independence, they do not kill civilians. Michael when you state something make sure you can prove it.
Hey freedomist, where did you see US fights Israeli wars?
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The Jews Renew Vow of 'Never Again'

Len185 Wrote: Aug 01, 2014 1:05 PM
Hey Willy, read what Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. said: “When people criticize Zionists, they mean Jews. You are talking anti-Semitism.” Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
Crimea was taken peacefully not 'brutally', there was no Russian invasion in Eastern Ukraine. The danger to the world comes not from Putin or Russia but from Muslim extremist like Hamas or Hezbollah. The world would be safer place if the West cooperate with Putin in the fight against terrorism. EU is so abscessed with Ukraine and Putin, that they may not notice as Europe would be overrun by Muslims and Sharia law is established.
I do not agree with Charles. He would be impeached as a democrat also if he was white. Nobody wants to be accused in racism.
He is not Bebe, he is Bibi. That tells it all, how well informed this person is.
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Putin's Well-Worn Fascist Lies

Len185 Wrote: May 28, 2014 9:02 AM
Ukraine provisional government may not be fascist, but they came to power through violence and not supposed to command admiration of the Western leaders. Putin is not fascist either. He is autocrat but he is Russian patriot and, unlike Obama, loves his country. As to Russian propaganda, there is a lot of Western propaganda as well: 1. Russian troop by Ukrainian border is aggression but NATO troops by Russian border is not 2. Shooting by Russians Chechen separatist from helicopters is a war crime, but shooting Russian separatists by Ukrainian helicopters is not. 3. Monro doctrine of sphere of influence is OK for the US, but application of sphere of influence for Russia is Russian aggression. and so on, and so on
Putin might be autocrat, but he is a leader, Obama is not. Obama made it personal against Putin. It is so low for world leader. Doctrine Monro esteblished sphere of influence for the US. Putin wants it for Russia too. What's wrong with it. He is not invade any thing. He just wants to restore Russia. As to Crimea it was for centuries Russian land, illegaly taken by communist ruler from Russia.
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