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Here Comes the Cliff

lemonfemale Wrote: Dec 24, 2012 2:02 PM
If Obama tries to blkame Republicans, Boehner should release notes taken during the negotiations. Heck, he should take along a little tape recorder (they make them the size of cell phones) and release the tape. There is no making a deal with Obama. It's like buying something from that shop in Stephen King's book where you keerp having to do more and more terrible things. "The deal isn't over until I say it's over," as the proprieter says. "No, I get that for free" as the President says. The Republicans should release the notes and buy ads.
Last week, Republicans proved they are not a governing party. Next week we will see whether Democrats are.

A governing party would have, reluctantly, passed Speaker John Boehner's Plan B, which would have preserved the current tax rates on everyone with incomes under $1 million.

Passage would have put Senate Democrats on the spot, since they voted for a similar measure in 2010. They might have engaged in negotiations with Boehner that could have been more productive than his negotiations with Barack Obama this month and in the summer of 2011.

Then, as Bob Woodward reports in his book "The Price...